AnalystQ Review 2020

As one of the prominent online brokers, AnalystQ enables the trading of a myriad of financial products; right from Forex, cryptocurrencies, energy commodities, precious metals, among others. Built for speed, AnalystQ delivers an intuitive and responsive user interface.

AnalystQ Review – Stands for Quality
AnalystQ Review – Stands for Quality


Trading platforms, in general, are software tools used to manage and execute market positions. There are many trading platforms, which range from basic order entry screens for beginners, to the more sophisticated tools for advanced traders. Most often, some of the best trading platforms like AnalystQ, have complex toolkits to help both beginners and seasoned traders.

Also known as trading terminals, trading platforms can be either installed in PCs or laptops or accessed online. The latter is referred to as online trading. Here, traders who are into stocks, bonds, currency markets, etc., can trade them online rather than trading software. Such online trading involves buying and/or selling a myriad of financial products via a trading platform online. In other words, online trading platforms are internet-based brokerage.

AnalystQ review – Online trading platform

With the skyrocketing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many users are showing interest in trading these virtual currencies. While few of the regular trading terminals do support cryptocurrency exchange and trading, opting for a more dedicated cryptocurrency trading platform like AnalystQ will prove beneficial.

AnalystQ Reviews - Experience Real Trading 
AnalystQ Reviews – Experience Real Trading

AnalystQ is equipped to build financial portfolios over a broad spectrum of commodities ranging from cryptocurrencies to soft commodities. While it provides sophisticated tools for advanced traders, AnalystQ is an optimal online trading platform for beginners or new traders as well.

While the platform is equipped with more than 1600 trading tools, AnalystQ actively caters to traders from across 170 countries and counting. As a unique online trading platform, it offers a holistic approach to online trading by providing provisions for online trading courses alongside personal advisors on the website. In fact, the latter is to ensure that the traders make informed trading decisions based on the advisor’s trading expertise.

An Overview of AnalystQ

Having been founded in February 2020, AnalystQ is an online broker, which is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Dominica. As a dedicated cryptocurrency trading platform, the site mainly transacts in Bitcoins for both deposits and withdrawals.

While the platform supports 6 asset classes, it sums up over 16000 assets, ranging from currencies and cryptocurrencies to precious metals. In fact, it is the highest number of assets offered by any broker globally.

AnalystQ Reviews - Know about Trade 
AnalystQ Reviews – Know about Trade

Analyst Q employs one of the most advanced trading software, MetaTrader 5. It is this software that provides technical indicators, backtesting environment, charting tools, and the trading robots referred to as expert advisors.

Apart from this, the online trading platform enables strategy developers from around the world to run their trading strategy. And, thus introducing traders to real-time trading results. In fact, the online platform employs analysts who rank the trading strategies by mathematically evaluating and analyzing them.

AnalystQ Review: Decoding Q

While the traders can choose innumerable trading strategies, Q also offers different types of educational courses pertaining to trading. As a holistic trading service provider, the online platform caters to a broad spectrum of trading needs, including and not limited to training in trading, 1600 assets across 6 asset classes.

As in the case of most of the AnalystQ reviews, let’s consider the different types of trading accounts one can find on the online trading platform. Typically, traders can choose from three types of trading accounts.

Types of Trading Accounts at AnalystQ

Users can create the following types of trading accounts;

1) Primary Accounts

2) Professional Accounts

3) AutomatiQ Accounts

AnalystQ Review - Trade on AutoPilot 
AnalystQ Review – Trade on AutoPilot

1) Primary Accounts

It is further divided into:

a. Standard Account

b. Education Account

c. Specialty Account

a. Standard account: Is apt for traders interested in tradable assets like currencies, cryptocurrencies, etc. Creating a standard account provides access to the MetaTrader 5 platform. For garnering expertise in trading, this account also enables users to access trading webinars.

b. Education account: It is optimal for advanced traders. While it is similar to the standard account, it differs in terms of the minimum funding, which is 0.05 BTC, whereas it is 0.5 BTC in education.

c. Specialty account: Is for more active traders. The salient features are similar to standard and education accounts like 24/7 live customer support, expert trading tips at every step; and, access to MetaTrader 5 and trading webinar libraries. However, the minimum funding amount differs, which is 2.6 BTC.

2) Professional Accounts

AnalystQ Reviews - Professional Accounts 
AnalystQ Reviews – Professional Accounts

A Professional account can be referred to as a more advanced account, which has an impeccable user interface. It differs from the primary account as it offers a more customized approach to trading with intuitive tools and personalized coaching.

As the name suggests, it is ideal for professional traders, while the users can trade tight spreads of up to 300:1 leverage. Another added advantage is the SMS and WhatsApp notifications so that the traders will not miss out on profiting from trading opportunities, which are sure to be successful.

Professional Accounts are of two major types;

· MarginQ

· Platinum Account

While both the accounts share most of the features, including the MetaTrader 5 platform, the platinum account is considered a top-tier account with better spreads of up to 5% lower. The Platinum account also comes with the added benefit of regular invitations to AnalystQ VIP events. The minimum funding requirements for the MarginQ account are 75,000 USDT or 7.8 BTC, whereas it is 15.6 BTC for the Platinum account.

3) AutomatiQ Account

As the name suggests, it enables traders to use automated trading strategies. Here, the money deposited in the trader’s account stays with the trader all times irrespective of the dormant account. The account remains intact despite a long period of absence.

AnalystQ Review: Instruments that can be Traded

As discussed earlier, AnalystQ offers 16000 trading assets, which is the largest provided by any online trading platform in the world. While the online trading platform does not support trading of Forex pairs, it supports the following trading instruments or asset classes;

· Currency options (Crypto-fiat currency pairs)

· Cryptocurrencies

· Precious Metals

· Soft Commodities

· Energy Commodities

AnalystQ Review - Instruments 
AnalystQ Review – Instruments

Currency Options

The foreign currency exchange market and, since the last decade, the fiat-cryptocurrency exchange market has witnessed immense growth as a popular financial market. AnalystQ offers maturity periods ranging from 24 hours to a year; it also features cutting-edge pricing across multiple currency selections from various pips. While currency traders can access the online trading platform across numerous devices, it also enables 24 hours trading.

Real-time, professional analysis of multiple assets has been yet another salient feature of AnalystQ. Nevertheless, currency trading is a feature, which is limited to the Classic, VIP, and Platinum accounts.

The following are the currency trading pairs presently offered by AnalystQ;












Trading in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is the future of money; it is the key to creating a more equitable and open financial system globally. While it is imperative to build a robust, trusted, and accessible crypto-economy, it all comes back to the active trading of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency, also referred to as digital assets trading involves the buying, selling, or holding of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc., with the objective of generating profits from their short, medium- or long-term fluctuations in prices. Crypto trading at Q is all about high-leverage opportunities, which is furthered by best-trading insights offered by trading experts.

AnalystQ is especially ideal for new crypto traders, who are apprehensive of the volatile cryptocurrency market. Here, users can trade in cryptos without actually owning them. Moreover, the platform features future-facing asset tools, which will further help the traders to make informed decisions to execute profitable trades. In fact, trading in cryptos is much safer at AnalystQ, as traders are provided with valuable trading insights and a plethora of learning tools at every stage.

Precious Metals

Apart from the progressive Forex and the trailblazing cryptocurrency trading, precious metals are yet another popular asset class. In fact, precious metals like gold, platinum, etc., often grow in its value irrespective of the economic fluctuations and volatility of the financial markets.

Trading in precious metals means diversifying one’s financial portfolio for profitable trades, apart from traditional securities. Analyst Q enables users to trade CFDs on precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, to name a few. Moreover, the online platform offers assistance with risk-management precious metal market analysis, and thus, aiding traders in making informed decisions.

Please note, trading in precious metals is subject to regulations and legislation, which differ from one country to another. Thus, while trading precious metals, it is imperative to analyze the spreads, bids, margin requirements, etc.

Trading in Soft Commodities

AnalystQ Reviews - Soft Commodities 
AnalystQ Reviews – Soft Commodities

Perishables like coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton, etc., are some of the oldest tradable goods, which are often high-demand commodities. In fact, there are many ways in which a trader can invest in soft commodities like futures contracts, ETFs or exchange-traded funds, options, etc.

While this may be true, there’s still a substantial risk or more accurately risk capital involved with soft commodities. However, when looking for diversification, traders often opt for soft commodities, as it is one of the asset classes that comes with no default risk when traded at the online trading platforms like Analyst Q.

Moreover, AnalystQ reviews point out of the fact that the online platform provides many trading options where soft commodities are concerned, even when the said asset loses its value. AnalystQ enables traders to gain profits even during downtrends as soft futures can be shorted.

Trading in Energy Commodities

Typically, the most commonly traded energy commodities include natural gas, gasoline, crude oil, etc. Analyst Q enables traders to trade in both renewable and non-renewable energy commodities.

Generally, while trading in energy commodities, users must always be aware of; the economic downturns, any shifts in production enforced by the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), and new technological advances in alternative energy sources, like wind power, solar energy, biofuel, etc.

With the dwindling of oil supplies, the demand for energy commodities is ever increasing. Thus, energy commodities are one of the viable options for diversifying one’s financial portfolio. Nevertheless, it is often imperative to assess the risks involved with other commodities like precious metals and soft commodities.

Analyst Q is accoutered with a vast array of trading options alongside risk management tools. And, this collaboration with the expert advice makes for a safer trading environment.

Analyst Q Reviews: Education in Trading

Whether you are a new trader or an amateur, regular mentoring or continuous support from expert advisors is certainly beneficial. Education in trading is imperative to learn and understand the key elements of trading online for consistent results. In fact, with the right trading-related educational courses, traders would be introduced to trading strategies that are bound to win. Apart from this, traders also gain exposure to capital and trade management, assessing volatility, profits, and losses.

AnalystQ Reviews - Education 
AnalystQ Reviews – Education

Analyst Q offers courses that will surely help you in mastering the key elements of trading, whether it is currency options, cryptos, or commodities like precious metals and soft commodities.

1) Educational Courses

Educational courses involve a graduating assortment of courses handpicked for various skill levels, right from beginners to advanced traders.

Here are some of the topics covered include and not limited to;

· Leveraging cryptocurrency

· Commodity trading

· Market trends

· Indices

· Trading strategies

· Stocks, among others.

Apart from the course topics, users also receive real-time trading case studies, and other informative content, which will help them stay on par with the changing trends in the financial market.

2) Online Trading Courses

Mistakes are the key to gaining knowledge and expertise. However, when there’s an opportunity to avoid these mistakes, it must be grabbed with both hands. Oftentimes, paving the way for a fixed schedule to gain expertise is impossible, especially for working individuals. AnalystQ solves this dilemma by offering online trading courses that are not bound by time. It is an opportunity for traders to set their own learning pace and schedule.

The handpicked online trading courses offer a multitude of trading strategies for crucial financial trading markets like currencies, cryptos, indices, commodities, etc.

Online trading courses offered at AnalystQ also facilitate virtual learning and in-depth webinars presented by leading trade experts.

3) Personal Trading Courses

As the name suggests, it is a personalized approach to learning the trade. While this involves one-on-one mentoring from Q-certified trading coaches, traders also gain access to in-depth market insights and strategies. Here. Individualized mentoring implies that the mentor is just a phone call away to clarify your doubts and to discuss winning trading strategies.

AnalystQ Reviews: Trading Platforms Supported

AnalystQ presently offers two trading platforms for traders, which are as follows;

A) MetaTrader 5

While MetaTrader 5 is considered to be a state-of-the-art trading platform, it is also known for its advanced trading tools and in-depth trading analysis. Traders can access the platform on all types of browsers and devices.

AnalystQ Review - MetaTrader 5 
AnalystQ Review – MetaTrader 5

One can find both free and paid tools or features on the platform alongside trading robots, which are based on algorithms and on behalf of the trader can successfully execute a trade. The real-time technical indicators derived from expert analysis, and features like copy trading, virtual hosting for currencies, etc., facilitated by the platform, enables successful execution of trades, which will prove beneficial in both long-term and short-term trading of assets.

B) WebTrader

Apart from MetaTrader 5, AnalystQ also offers the WebTrader platform, which is optimal for beginners. Compared to the former, it is a simple or straightforward online trading platform. Nevertheless, WebTrader supports 18 languages and offers integrated news feed and calendars. In fact, the trading platform features social trading integration and CopyKat, where the latter enables the new traders to learn from expert traders.

C) Android Trading app Platform

Conceived from scratch and specifically designed to facilitate quick trades, the AnalystQ Android trading app monitors real-time data. Traders get instant push notifications and quick updates on market trends. The app also features 24/7 live support.

D) iPhone Trading App or the iOS Trader

Ideal for trading on the go, the iOS Trader app provides market insights and strategies right in your iPhone. Similar to the Android trading app, users receive instant notifications and market reports.

AnalystQ Reviews - iPhone Trading App 
AnalystQ Reviews – iPhone Trading App

E) Tablet Trading App Platform

Instant access to real-time market data or live prices has its own advantage for full-time professional traders. AnalystQ extends this courtesy via its tablet trading app, enabling users to stay up to date with successful trading strategies.

AnalystQ Salient Features: Funding Support

AnalystQ features dedicated funding support, which is majorly divided into;

· Crypto Funding Basics or Leveraged Cryptocurrency Funding

· Margin and Leveraged Loans

Crypto Funding Basics

It is a leveraged cryptocurrency where traders can use AnalystQ’s monetary leverage rather than their own cryptos. Crypto funding is especially useful for new traders who are apprehensive of the cryptocurrency market’s volatility.

The leveraged cryptocurrency funding option at AnalystQ presents traders with the opportunity to shorten the positions on the cryptocurrencies. And, this, in turn, will help the trader purchase a currency at a lower cost despite the current rates.

Margin and Leveraged Loans

1. Margin Loans

AnalystQ provides the option to secure margin loans against the values on the securities owned by the trader. Further, the trader can liquify their funds on fixed-term bases at low-interest rates. While margin loans are instantly approved and deposited in the trader’s account, there is also the advantage of no closing costs, no setup fees, no annual fees, and no user fees.

AnalystQ Review - Margin and Leveraged Loans 
AnalystQ Review – Margin and Leveraged Loans

2. Leveraged Loans

AnalystQ also facilitates leveraged loans, which is especially beneficial for traders seeking capital to manage their debt to further purchase stock.

Decoding Q: Services offered at AnalystQ

The services offered at AnalystQ range from dedicated sales trader to personalized trading courses.

1. Dedicated Sales Trader

Trading can be intimidating and time-consuming and often confusing, making it a risky investment. However, with the right aid, it is also the means of making profits. The dedicated sales trader service of AnalystQ is especially useful for beginners as the assigned sales trader will take care of all their trading aspects, right from crypto funding to analyzing markets. The sales trader will also offer timely inputs and trading advice to aid the traders.

2. In-House Analyst

In a bid to help traders to maximize their chances of profiting, AnalystQ offers the services of an in-house analyst, who will provide market insights, forecast market fluctuations, etc.

3. Personal Relationship Managers

Traders can also seek the aid of personal relationship managers at AnalystQ, where they are provided with individualized mentoring. The traders can get in touch with their personal relationship manager either via email, phone, or SMS.

AnalystQ Review - Best Services 
AnalystQ Review – Best Services

Support it AnalystQ

Traders from over 170 countries make use of the AnalystQ online trading platform. While this calls for a dedicated support team, Analyst Q makes it convenient for traders with multilingual customer support.

Apart from the dedicated 24/7 live chat support, traders can also get in touch with the support team via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, or via phone.


Market research and in-depth analysis is the crux of successful trading. As a dedicated online trading platform, AnalystQ offers both trading tools and in-depth trading advice and insights for traders. The vast array of trading tools, services, and educational courses make Analyst Q a holistic online trading platform.


1. How AnalystQ Works?

Trading on AnalystQ is a two-step process, which makes it extremely suitable for beginners or new traders.

Step 1: The trader must fund his trading account after creating one.

Step 2: Choosing the trading strategies in order to assess the trading risk is the next step. Here traders can choose from a myriad of trading strategies for trading; after which, the trading platform automatically executes the trade as per the trader’s instructions and trade sizes.

2. What is the minimum deposit amount at AnalystQ?

The minimum deposit amount varies from one type of account to another. While the Standard account has a minimum deposit limit of 500 USDT, the professional account’s minimum deposit goes up to 150000 USDT. Please note that withdrawals can only be made in Bitcoins, and it usually takes up to 3 to 5 working days.

3. Is there an inactivity fee?

When traders deposit cryptocurrencies in their trading account, and it remains unused for a period of 2 months from the date of deposit, AnalystQ charges inactivity fees of 0.0040 BTC per month.















  • -It offers a wide range of trading instruments.
  • - It provides MetaTrader 5 platform for traders.


  • - At least 500 USDT deposit is required for trading.