Are Crypto Dice Games Legal and Safe?

Are Crypto Dice Games Legal and Safe?

Introduction to Dice Games

The first crypto dice games were made available in online casinos in 2012 and since then this game variant has become one of the favorites for crypto lovers. Though the basic rules for playing a bitcoin dice game are the same as in a traditional dice game, the interface for the bitcoin dice game appears to be a bit different. Moreover, instead of the RTP percentage that determines a win in most casino games, a winning chance in bitcoin dice games is ruled by the chances of odds and house edges.

About Crypto Dice

Crypto dice games are an integral part of gambling with cryptocurrencies but in a more customized way in comparison to traditional casinos. In a crypto dice game, a player enjoys the liberty to choose his own odds which is not possible in any other casino game. Crypto dice come in various shapes and sizes but the basic rule is based on the higher or lower bets placed by the players. Any number of dice can be rolled simultaneously and the players are required to bet on the higher or lower value than the roll; players choose between any two numbers in the range 0 to 100 and bet on the outcome of the dice whether it will land on the higher or lower number than the dice rolled.

Working of Crypto Dice

Crypto dice games work similarly to traditional dice games where the players bet on the outcome of the dice against a predetermined number or value. In a bitcoin dice game, a player can choose which odds they want to play with before they roll the dice, and therefore their potential payout is determined by the level of risk that the odds impose.

Another advantage of playing bitcoin dice games is that players can reap the benefits of low house edge which increases the chances of winnings and money being credited in a player’s account.

Crypto dice games can be played with any stakes – very high or very low, and thus it is one of the favorite casino games for crypto lovers irrespective of their crypto portfolio. Beginners with a very small amount of mBTC (micro bitcoin) can start playing crypto dice games if they prefer to, but irrespective of their stakes they should be aware of the various winning strategies to play crypto dice games to increases their chances of winning.

Are Crypto Dice Games Legal and Safe?

Any casino game when played with cryptocurrencies adds an extra layer of security to the games because cryptocurrencies are backed by blockchain technology that is immutable and thus cannot be manipulated. Moreover, with the support of blockchain technology, players are always assured of provably fair games and decent odds when they choose to play dice games with bitcoins or other crypto coins like Ethereum or Ripple.

However, whether it is legal to play crypto dice games or not depends on the age of the player and the country he lives in. If playing crypto casino games is not banned in the country where the player lives and he is of the required minimum age as mandated by the casino, then playing bitcoin dice games is legal.

Key Facts on Crypto Dice Legality

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have not attained any legal status as of now and therefore no casino games played with cryptocurrencies can be deemed as legal or illegal. As long as players are playing in a licensed crypto casino no prosecution can be laid against them.

Is Crypto Dice Game Profitable?

Yes, a crypto dice game is profitable but to increase the chances of winning at a crypto dice game, players should be aware of the various playing skills to make the most out of the dice games.

Should Beginners Play Crypto Dice Games?

Yes, beginners can play a crypto dice game with a small amount of mBTC and as they increase their crypto holdings, they can gradually increase their stakes.

Future of Crypto Dice

Starting as the first-ever Bitcoin Dice game under the brand SatoshiDice, now the game has evolved in many variants backed with cryptocurrencies to meet its huge market demands. Being entirely built on blockchain technology, crypto dice games enable players to place bets directly without even the need to create an account; this convenience will take the game to greater heights with crypto lovers showing more betting interest. 


Thus, playing dice games with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum has its own advantages like anonymous gambling, speedier transactions, higher payouts, increased security, etc. Moreover, customized payouts and the liberty to choose the odds and stakes increase the potential payouts of the players even with a low house edge. With plenty of crypto casinos offering bitcoin dice games, the game has evolved to be a very successful addition to the online gambling industry.