Bitcoin Futures Platform KuMEX Introduces Lite Version

Hong Kong-based leading cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin’s renowned Bitcoin futures platform KuMEX has announced the news about the launch of a Lite version on the platform. The new technological development will play a crucial role in enhancing the core trading experience of the customers as it will make the operating interface more user-friendly and simplified. The trading platform customers will be able to transit to the new Lite version conveniently. The process will be facilitated by KuMEX in a secure, reliable, and stable manner, ensuring the highest standards of trading in the latest version.

According to the latest reports, the KuMEX Lite version will be studded with revolutionary analytical tools like long-short ratio, revenue calculator, etc. which will help the beginners to understand and speculate the market trends in a more logical manner thereby improving their investment-making capabilities. The first strategic change infused is the simplification of the market interface. The candlesticks have been swapped by line charts, which are more convenient for analysis. Also, to make the figures more precise and concise, the order book and recent trades of KuMEX have been concealed in the Lite version.

The second major alteration made is the trading interface, where the users just have to fill in the order amount and then take the decision about the leverage and long/short during the order placement. Also, as the investors have to enter the amount of money rather than the number of slots, the interface has become more approachable and workable for novice investors.

The addition of the analytics tools is the third change in the new Lite version. The long-short ratio feature will help the users to grasp a better understanding of the market situations. The revenue calculator will help the investors to draw out their returns accurately, taking into consideration different leverages, strategies, and more factors. Also, one will be able to keep track of the ROI and strategies adopted by other investors on the platform through the revenue ranking feature.

Due to the high risk and complexity of Bitcoin futures trading, currently only a few professional investors have been involved. In the crypto world, the transaction volume of derivatives is only about half that of the spot market, but in the traditional finance world, derivatives have always been a bigger market than the stock market. KuCoin has always wanted to launch a simple, secure, and accessible futures platform for everyone, and KuMEX Lite is our very courageous attempt at this. Through many innovations, we hope to empower more traders to give Bitcoin futures a try, maximizing their investment returns,

said Michael Gan, the CEO of KuCoin.

KuCoin is one of the most secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges in the world which promises to offer the best facilities to its strong customer base comprising of millions of global users. The exchange managed to grab a spot in the list of the top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019.

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