BITSMO Launches Its New Exchange Platform

There is good news for all the people who are invested in thinking about investing in the cryptocurrency. As BITSMO just announced their new all-in-one platform this month. By taking a different strategy, BITSMO launched its new platform that allows its users to find the best prices while selling or buying their cryptocurrency. What it does is that it compares the cost across 30 different cryptocurrency exchange so that its users can go with the best crypto exchange while selling or buying new cryptocurrency. This starts a competition among different cryptocurrency exchanges to provide the best price in the market. This platform will come as an advantage to all the individuals who are interested in cryptocurrency. With the help of BITSMO’s new platform now users can make the most out of their investment while trading from the BITSMO.

BITSMO is not just a price comparison platform as it offers many other features as well. One of the most attractive features of this new BITSMO platform is that it provides fast and simple transaction process. The reason behind their fastest transaction processing is that the matching engine that has been used by the BITSMO is the currently one of the quickest engine available. Their new engine can support up to 10 MM transactions per second that give rise to many happy users.

BITSMO understand the need for security, and that’s why they are using the same security features that are used by the NASA and CIA. Other than that BITSMO is supported by the Modulus and Bitgo, which are the two best companies when it comes to providing high-class security to the cryptocurrency agencies.

As per the news published in News BTC, because the hackers can’t access the funds, BITSMO has stored their funds in cold storage. Other than that BITSMO has started to implement an advanced KYC and AML features in its new platform. To carry out the process of KYC and AML the company will soon be providing both the in-house and third-party services.