Experience the Safest Quantum-resistant Transactions with Quube Exchange

Experience the Safest Quantum-resistant Transactions with Quube Exchange

Blockchain has become a stable medium for investors and agencies to raise funds for projects and to transfer capital money. It is also a reliable way to construct an alternate transaction network safe from internet threats.

Quube is one of the blockchain firms that deal in constructing a reliable blockchain framework for a range of products. It is touted to have one of the most secure blockchain systems that safeguard your assets from quantum computers. Quantum computers are a viable threat to every blockchain network these days. Product companies keep looking for better transaction means, and a system that can work as a secure medium of trading money with investors.

Some product companies need a reliable network to garner capital for their projects right in their developmental stage. Hence, almost all businesses find themselves betting high onto the Cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems with an intention to find an effective and easy way to amass funds for their operations.

The networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin are among the ones gaining a lot of traction for cryptocurrency transactions these days. This also marks a rise in internet threats like quantum computers.

In such disruptive circumstances, firms like Quube are creating ways to redefine the blockchain system as a prop of investment, integrating them into modern and existing products. Quube is a company that is well acquainted with establishing an ecosystem that is quantum-safe for the impending crypto projects as well as the crypto products.

The firm created a blockchain on the blockchain network to stave off the prospecting quantum attacks. This makes up for safe STO offerings and token lifecycle transactions on the quube platform.

Each Quube-created transaction over the Blockchain system is traced in the QRP with an extra protective layer over the network. The safety mechanism works by making quantum computers dysfunctional as they try to get access to any of its networks with the assistance of QRP.

Quube changes the transactions based on blockchain with its own QRP token Launchpad, which is a Quantum Resistant Blockchain Protocol. The Launchpad consists of a Smart Fabric for structuring Security Token as well as a KYC service.

Quube is anticipated to aid startups worldwide with controlled crowdfunding campaigns via the Launchpad mentioned above. STO Fabric will enable  users to

  • Build a firm remotely
  • Remote Securitizing the non-participating stock
  • Tokenize Securities employing smart contract fabrics that have compliance awareness

Quube also serves as an alternative trading portal to enable quick trading for companies specializing in LBO. The operation model of the Quube is also very simple and pursues secure transaction standards. It follows the STO structuring by gauging the requirements of the project as well as the customer. It also ensures that all their investors undergo a mandatory KYC process.

Quube makes use of safety measures of Quantum that include:

  • Critical Backup
  • Data Center
  • Center for Disaster Recovery

All the above links are preserved by QRA comprising of first-class signature and encryption.

All-in-all, the Quube team, is endeavoring to establish a decent blockchain network resistant to Quantum computers. They wish to enable their customers to create Safe investment vehicles based on blockchain network.