Ravencoin (RVN) May Reflect Decent Recovery Soon

Ravencoin (RVN) News
  • Ravencoin price may find the next resistance at 0.00000200 BTC
  • The highest point for the RVN this month was at 0.00000264 BTC

RVN was trading at 0.00000206 BTC at the beginning of the month, and till the mid of this month, it was having a gradual increment. On July 14, the currency touched the highest point of the month at 0.00000264 BTC.

However, on the same day, Ravencoin faced steep fall and started trading downwards. By July 16, the price was at 0.00000211 BTC. The next few days marked a moderate movement. Then, on July 21, the RVN coin registered a spike and reached 0.0000023 BTC but again faced rejection and started downside correction. Yesterday, the price spotted near 0.00000176 BTC.

Over the last 24 hours, the RVN coin marked a decent recovery and regained its price level above 0.00000185 BTC. It was trading at 0.00000187 BTC at the time of writing the article. The MACD shows a bullish crossover. In the short-term, RVN may cross the next resistance around 0.00000200 BTC. However, the possibility of a few unprecedented swings can’t be ruled out.