Which Are the Most Successful Forex Traders in the World?

Most Successful Forex Traders in the World

Most of the Forex traders avoid the limelight; however, some have reached international stardom. They are the ones who influence others and have a philosophical impact on the whole investment industry. These recognized Forex players have posted outstanding results over their long investing and trading careers. 

Most beginners are captivated by the stories of successful Forex traders. People try to copy them to reach the same level as they currently are. However, nobody pays attention to every detail. These well-known Forex traders have spent many sleepless nights to become the best in the Forex market. They have inspiring success stories that motivate us to take action. So, let’s have a look at the list of most successful Forex traders who have influenced the whole world.

List of the Most Successful Forex Traders

  • George Soros
  • Andrew Krieger
  • Bill Lipschutz
  • Bruce Kovner
  • Joe Levis
  • Stanley Druckenmiller
  • Richard Dennis
  • Urs Schwarzenbach
  • Michael Marcus

Tips to Become a Successful Trader

Becoming a successful Forex trader needs your attention and time. Forex is the largest financial market in the world. Thus, many people want to join its wagon and become a part of it. So, below are the essential tips that can help you become a successful Forex trader: 

Develop The Best Skills: The development of personal skills is vital when you want to start trading Forex. You need to have good research skills as they offer you the ability to find a reason for fluctuation in values of currencies from various sources. When it comes to Forex, diligence is another vital skill to develop to make transactions. Do complete research to find both good and bad about any currency before investing money in it. You should also be good with numbers, charts, and graphs to be a good FX trader. 

Educate Yourself Well About Forex: You need to learn Forex and time your transactions. Learning the Forex basics is pretty important. Moreover, since the Fx market keeps changing, new patterns keep coming. Keep yourself well-informed about the latest information in the market. 

Begin With Demo Accounts: This is especially important for beginners who need to gain experience. Although, they can also use forex signals for efficient work.  It offers a practical approach to learn the Forex world. You can also test different trading strategies without putting in real money. 

Manage the Risk: Your success largely depends on your ability to deal with risks. Do not trade with aggression. Aggression can often result in huge losses, no matter how good you’re at reading the Forex market, making trades, and creating strategies. Never risk more than 2 percent on one trade.

Don’t Rush: Especially if you’re a novice, you should not rush. Always take your time. Do not strive to be an expert overnight. If you wish to remain in the market for a very long time and be a successful Forex trader, take one step only at a time. Eventually, this will assist you in improving your skills and making good profits. 

Trade With the Right Broker: Selecting the right broker can help you become a successful trader. Since increasingly more people are interested in trading Forex, the Forex brokers have increased. Choose the best trading brokers who can help you make huge profits. 

Find a Forex Trading Expert: A Forex trading expert is accountable for offering you professional advice on possible profitable trades and trading pairs. The expert will also keep you secure from negative balance circumstances. Having a Forex trading expert is vital to becoming a successful trader. 

Create a Trading Strategy: Making trades without a strategy can be the biggest mistake. You can create a strategy based on lessons from your past transactions. Following every trade, figure out why you made a profit or loss in that transaction. With this, you can become more cautious about your future trades. With the increase in your Forex knowledge, your strategies are going to get better.

Keep Emotions Aside: Trading forex is 15% technical and 85% psychological. Emotions kill most people in the Fx industry. If you can’t put your emotions away, you’d have a difficult time. 

Use Stop-Loss: Applying stop-loss can make sure that at a specific amount, you’ll stop trading. Many rookies make the mistake of going on until they lose all their money. Set stop-losses depending on the market condition as you don’t know what the Forex market will get on a specific day. 

Practice: Practice can make you perfect. When it comes to Forex trading, the practice can make you more experienced and smarter. Keep learning because the market keeps changing. Follow the forex industry’s news, trends, and market reports. 

How Much Can Forex Traders Earn?

Most traders don’t disclose their trading outcomes to everyone. Therefore, it is hard to give an accurate answer to this question. The results may also vary based on various factors, like the trader’s strategies, risk management methods, and starting capital every trader works with. 

Myths of Forex Trading

New entrants in the Forex market get hold of many false ideas that are either myths or misconceptions. So, here are the common myths of forex trading: 

  • It is simple to double your money in the Forex market
  • All leverage can be used to earn more money
  • Brokers offering 100% bonuses are the best
  • Expert Stock traders can be good currency traders as well
  • Forex market is rigged
  • Trading is Gambling
  • Forex prices shift randomly
  • Every Forex trader can become rich 


Those looking to enter the Forex trading world should have proper education and courage to attain the desired outcomes. Knowing the tips to become a successful trader and the myths to avoid will also help you accelerate the growth of your career. You will need hours of practice and guidance to reach where you wish to be. Without knowing the particular strategies and terms, it will be next to impossible to get success.