Will Bears Continue Their Hold on Dogecoin Price?

Dogecoin has gone through lots of ups and downs in the current market volatility since the past one month with the bears holding an upper hand. The coin price has been hovering in the range of $0.0024 – $0.0030 indicating that the bears are not letting DOGE price to move in the upward range. It seems that Dogecoin price will continue to be under pressure as long as bears are still around in the crypto market.

Dogecoin to USD Price Analysis

The price of Dogecoin has undergone a lot of variations over the past month. From a high of $0.002998 on August 11, DOGE price went down to $0.002477 on August 16 in a matter of four days to the extent of 17.22%. In next 3 days, on August 19, the price had a considerable recovery at $0.002889 to the tune of 16.63%. But on August 25, with the bears going strong, Dogecoin price fell to $0.002518 indicating a downturn to the extent of 12.81%.  Then, in the next 3 days, DOGE price rose to $0.002649 to the extent of 5.24%. On September 02, the price went down again to $0.002437 to the extent of 8%. In next 3 days, on September 06, the price was reached at $0.002614 to the tune of 7.27%. Today, Dogecoin price has lowered to the extent of over 9% at $0.002365 indicating that the bears are still very much around in the market.

Dogecoin has been under the bear pressure, just like most of the altcoins in the crypto market. With the bears exercising pressure on the prices, investors had nothing much to choose from. The trend is expected to continue for the short-term.

 Dogecoin Price Chart


Investors have nothing much to choose from the current crypto market and should invest for a long-term perspective. Short-term traders should trade cautiously.

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