Bitcoin Code Review 2020


The Bitcoin Code is yet another online trading bot that eases out online crypto trading. This is actually a software that is based on algorithmic calculations designed by the renowned financial expert Steve McKay. Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online have never been so interesting before these trading apps were launched in the market. These trading robots analyze the market trends and fluctuations existing in the cryptocurrency market and send out trading signals, based on which the traders can decide whether or not to execute the trade on this trading platform.

This review on the Bitcoin Code Trading platform is based on the careful investigation about the features and products allowed on this platform, which led to this unbiased set of information about these trading platforms. We have found profiles of many people who have started to have benefitted while trading via the Bitcoin Code. After reading this full Bitcoin Code review, traders will be able to gauge the authenticity of this platform and can place a trade without being skeptical about its existence.

Bitcoin Code Review - Get Started with Bitcoin Code
Bitcoin Code Review – Get Started with Bitcoin Code

Features of Bitcoin Code

Here are some of the amazing features allowed by this automated trading robot:-

Accurate analysis

The win rate of the Bitcoin code is 99.4%, which means that out of 100 trades placed, 99 trades turn out to be successful. This is only because the software can accurately analyze the prevailing market trends in the crypto ecosystem. In fact, this high level of accuracy is one of the important reasons behind this amazingly high win rate, and also why this software is trusted and relied upon by both the newbie and the seasoned traders from all over the world. Moreover, it does not matter whether or not the traders have the required experience in handling this trading software like this.


This is an important feature that the website talks about, that we found out while making this Bitcoin Code review. This feature allows the traders to backtest their trading strategies using the historical performance of the crypto market, which in turn helps the traders to finetune their trading parameters according to the market requirements, which ultimately leads to significant profits.

Downloading the software is not necessary

The best part of these trading platforms is that unlike other automated trading software, Bitcoin Code does not require any downloads. It only requires a robust internet connection to start operating; as such, the traders can use it on any device that has operating systems like Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Sophisticated algorithm

The programming language used in designing the Bitcoin Code trading robot is based on the sophisticated algorithm that allows the software to take a leap of 0.01 seconds ahead of the cryptocurrency market. This helps the robot to stay ahead of the competition that ultimately leads to massive profits. In fact, the software Bitcoin code knows well, in which direction the crypto price can move much before it actually makes a move, which ultimately leads to earning money more than the traders could actually expect.

Easy Registration

The easy registration process makes it easier for new traders to get acquainted with the trading software very quickly. As such, they do not need any special expertise to start using this automated trading software.

Low deposit required to start trade

Along with the easy registration process, the low minimum deposit of $250 is also another factor that attracts the traders to give it a try. Though the traders can invest more, it is always recommended to start with this minimum amount to mitigate the chances of incurring a loss.


The official website of the Bitcoin Code has all the updated information regarding this Bitcoin Code software. We visited the official website of the Bitcoin Code and tested all the information stated there and found them to be absolutely legit. The website speaks about the various products that it offers, the various assets that can be traded on the platform, the minimum deposits that the traders need to make, etc. There is no secrecy related to any topics on this platform that makes the platform absolutely transparent.

Award-Winning trading app

Keeping in mind the robust services that this software provides, the Bitcoin Code app has been ranked amongst the topmost online trading applications by the UK Trading Association, which is a great honor for a platform like this, which has only the online existence. Such accolades make this software more trustworthy and reliable, and the traders can blindly trust this online trading crypto bot while executing their trades with the utmost peace of mind.

Customer Testimonials

There are hundreds of testimonials from verified users stated on the official website of the Bitcoin Code software. These positive feedbacks from the registered users imply that the customers are thoroughly impressed with the services provided by Bitcoin Code. While making this Bitcoin Code review, we visited some other reliable and legit customer reviews’ websites out positive reviews regarding Bitcoin Code, which is very impressive.

24 hours of Customer Support

This is perhaps one of the best benefits that the trading robots like the Bitcoin Code provide its registered users. As stated above, this trading systems does not require any download and therefore does not also require any regular updates which serve the best part of the software. It is a web-based software that can be operated using any browsers and therefore preferred by most of the traders. It is compatible with any device like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops that work on any operating system like Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Bitcoin Code Review - Essential Features of Bitcoin Code
Bitcoin Code Reviews – Essential Features of Bitcoin Code

Know the benefits of Bitcoin Code

We found out the following benefits while working on the trading robot review like the Bitcoin Code.

Eliminates human error through emotion-free trading

Human emotions like fear and greed often lead to devastation in a traders’ career. Both are related to negative emotions that often lead to wrong execution of trade and making wrong decisions at the most crucial times. Using a trading robot relieves the traders from such negative emotions that the traders face while lacing trades manually. Sometimes it happens that out of greed, the traders continue to place trades even when he knows that this time there is more chance to lose. This is out of greed that eventually leads to heavy losses. Fear, on the other hand, refrains the traders from taking any risks whatsoever, and without taking risks in trades, the chances of earning profits come to a standstill. Therefore, both these negative emotions drastically affect trade executions, be it for online Bitcoin trades or other cryptocurrencies or for any other normal trades. Only trading robots can help traders from such situations.

Stop Loss feature

This is the most important feature that facilitates emotion-free trading on the Bitcoin Code platform. According to this feature, the automated trading software instantly stops placing trades whenever there are chances of losing, thus defying human emotions that would have forced humans to continue placing trades ignoring the chances of losing.

Trade Multiple cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that is traded on the Bitcoin Code platform. Other Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dash, and many more can also be traded via these trading platforms. Moreover, this automated trading robot also supports fiat currency trading that includes the USD, GBP, Euro, Swiss Franc, etc. to name a few. This, in turn, increases the scope of earning profits as per the preferences of the traders, and every trader has some basic trade preferences that they can make use of while trading on the Bitcoin Code platform.

No regular update required.

This is perhaps one of the best benefits that the trading robots like the Bitcoin Code provide its registered users. As stated above, this trading tool does not require any download and therefore does not also require any regular updates which serve the best part of the software. It is a web-based software that can be operated using any browsers and therefore preferred by most of the traders. It is compatible with any device like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops that work on any operating system like Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Easy operations

The Bitcoin Code trading software is designed to meet the growing trade needs of both the beginners and the seasoned traders, and therefore the software ought to be easy towards its operations. The deposit and withdrawal processes are pretty easy, with no hidden transaction costs. Once a trader makes a deposit of the minimal amount of $250, towards his new account on the platform, there is no other mandatory deposit required.

The withdrawal process is also quite simple. All the money earned by the traders is entirely theirs, and they can withdraw their money anytime they wish. All they need to do is fill up a “withdrawal request” form with the broker, and the broker, after verifying all the details will initiate the processing. For this, the traders need to share some more details as to which payment model they would prefer. If they prefer direct bank transfers, then they would need to fill in their bank account details in the withdrawal request form; otherwise, they would need some other details.

Prompt account verification

Usually, the trading account verification system involves a lot of steps and completing detailed forms and long waiting for days to get approval. But with Bitcoin Code auto trading, such established norms are proved wrong, as the Bitcoin Code platform’s account verification system is very easy and simple. The platform has shortened the process, which now takes only a few minutes to complete the procedures. The traders only need to submit their payment details while making a deposit to their Bitcoin code account. Personal information is also required at times in order to take security measures for detecting fraud.

Safety and security

While making this Bitcoin Code review, one thing that we were pretty sure about is that the customers’ data safety is the priority of the platform. All the customers’ data are securely encrypted, which makes it impossible for hackers to get a track on the data. SSL certificates also secure the money of the customers. So, the traders should not worry about stating the required data like their credit card details or even their bank account details because that will be required in transferring their money in their bank accounts.

Regular earnings

Consistent profit and earning money is something that this software can assure the traders of the Bitcoin Code. With the software, anyone can earn money irrespective of their previous trading experiences or handling such kinds of trading robots. Though it is not possible to earn 100% profits every time but using the Bitcoin Code, the traders can be assured to make maximum profits possible by mitigating the chances of losses to a much greater extent. Regular earning money, along with the amazing inherent features meant for everyone are what attracts the maximum number of users to this platform. Once the users register themselves on this platform, there is no turning back, and this has been proved many times.

No need to constantly monitor

With the Bitcoin Code software taking over all the responsibilities to execute trade effortlessly, the traders can relax with the utmost peace of mind. Once they are done with depositing money to their Bitcoin Code account, and setting their preferred trade criteria that can just sit and relax, the trading robot will take care of the rest of the things. Unlike manual trading, traders are no longer required to monitor what is constantly happening. But certainly, the traders should not altogether stop monitoring, because after all the Bitcoin Code is a robot and machines do sometimes break down. Monitoring sometimes is more than enough when trading via Bitcoin Code.

Bitcoin Code Review - Various Benefits of Bitcoin Code
Bitcoin Code Review – Various Benefits of Bitcoin Code

Is the Bitcoin Code legit?

Given the growing number of bitcoin trading crypto bots coming up in the market, the traders should be more cautious when it comes to placing trades online. Not all the bitcoin trading systems launched are legit, and certain parameters describe whether or not a particular trading interface is legit. For example, if the traders consider the success rate of a given platform, this Bitcoin Autotrader provided a 99.4% success rate, which is pretty high and contributes to making the platform legit. Other bitcoin tools that are contemporary to the Bitcoin Code tool allows only a 50% success rate with some basic functionalities to its users.

Therefore, the tag scam cannot be attached to a platform that provided such a high success rate. While making this Bitcoin Code review, we visited its official website several times and looked out for every nook and corners of the website, but nothing seemed suspicious to call the website a scam. There are also hundreds of positive Bitcoin Code reviews available that nullifies the alleged Bitcoin code scam reported in some fraudulent links. Those scam links are simply to degrade the reputation of the Bitcoin Code that it has achieved through years of rendering excellent services to the traders worldwide.

Is the Bitcoin code a con?

No, the Bitcoin Code is not a con, and all the Bitcoin Code scams reported are thoroughly baseless. We have made this Bitcoin Code review with the utmost care, and after considering all our investigation reports, we came out with a clean chit for Bitcoin Code, and we tag this software as a legit one and definitely not a scam. All the investors’ money is absolutely safe with this software, which would otherwise disappear if the platform would have been a scam.

Moreover, all those reports that have been tagging the Bitcoin Code as a scam robot are baseless. There have not been any such reports where any of the users have tagged the platform as a scam. Scam reports are only for defaming the platform and could not be proved. Hence it cannot be called a con. Therefore, the question,” is bitcoin loophole safe”, stands void amid such a situation where not a single allegation against the Bitcoin Code could be proved.

Bitcoin Code Review - Real Users Testimonials
Bitcoin Code Reviews – Real Users Testimonials

What is the Bitcoin code system?

The Bitcoin Code system is an online bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading system based on algorithmic interpretations. While making this review on the Bitcoin Code, we came across many facts and figures about how they are traded online. The Bitcoin Code is such a platform that guarantees its users to earn a significant profit on a daily basis that the bitcoin trader cannot even think of earning from any other platform. For this, the users do not necessarily have to sit before their computers and laptops the whole day; in fact, it is more than enough to devote only 20 minutes on the Bitcoin Code platform, which is the best part of this Bitcoin Code auto trading tool.

Bitcoin Code Review - Live Trades of Bitcoin Code
Bitcoin Code Review – Live Trades of Bitcoin Code

How does Bitcoin Code work?

The Bitcoin Code trading software scans the market to look for profitable opportunities existing in the cryptocurrency market. Once the parameters match the criteria set in by the traders, the automated trading software triggers the trade instantly. To be more precise, the Bitcoin Code trading system senses the trade, and the traders will instantly get an alert when to place a trade and how to place it. This relieves the traders to sit before the laptops and computers the whole day; the trading robot will take care of everything. For this, the traders need to set the parameters first as to the minimum and the maximum number of traders they want to place, the amount of fund they want to invest in this Bitcoin trade. The number of trades they want to place per day and the amount of targeted profit they want to achieve per day, along with the various assets that they want to invest in, etc. Moreover, the traders are free to change and customize their preferences anytime they wish.

But in order to avail of the benefits offered by this Bitcoin Code Artificial Intelligence, the traders need to follow some steps in order to get started. While making this Bitcoin Code Review, we came across the following steps that the traders need to abide by.

  • Step 1 Registration – The first step to getting started, with this auto trading software, is to sign up with a trading account on the platform. For this, the traders need to fill in a registration form that they can find on the official website of the Bitcoin Code. The registration form needs to be filled in by the trader with some basic details like the trader’s full name, valid email address, phone number, country of residence, etc. Details like the name email should be incorrect spelling. After they fill in these basic details, their account will be activated, and they will be confirmed about this account activation through an auto-generated email to their stated email address. Registration on this auto trading software is absolutely free, and the trading system charges no extra fees for this whatsoever.
  • Step 2 Demo Account – Many people, before trying out the live trading feature of this automated trading robot, like to gain an insight into crypto trading, through the demo account feature allowed by this software. All the registered users on this trading software can use this demo feature before they start trading live on the platform. The demo Bitcoin Code account feature is virtually funded with all the necessary trading tools required to start trading. It exposes the traders to real online crypto trading, but without risking their real money. This is very beneficial for the newbie traders to get acquainted with real-life trading circumstances and they can also test strategies and know which works best for them, that too without risking their own money, this would help them in the long run, when they would be exposed to live trading with real money.
  • Step 3 Funding the Bitcoin Code account – When the traders are satisfied with the demo account feature, they can now move on to the next step, by funding their Bitcoin Code account. The minimum deposit that is required to start live trading is $250. This is just like a working capital that is needed in every trade. However, the traders are free to credit their trading account by any amount they wish. But it is always recommended to start with the minimum deposit unless the traders are confident enough to invest more. Though more investment leads to more chances of earning profits, but then there are also associated risks that come with trading Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.
    Traders at the Bitcoin Code also enjoy the discretion of using any modes of payment of their choice. They can use credit cards, bank transfers, wire transfers, Neteller, Shrill, e-wallet payments etc. For this, they only need to share the details like card details in case of card payments or bank account details in case of bank transfers.
Bitcoin Code Review - Working Procedures
Bitcoin Code Review – Working Procedures
  • Step 4 Live trading – This is the final step that will help the traders to earn some passive incomes. After funding the Bitcoin Code account, now the traders only need to set in their preferred trading parameters, following which the trading robots would place trades on behalf of the traders. The traders need to click on the “auto-trade” feature to enjoy the precise and hands-free trading that is based on the top-notch algorithmic interpretation. The traders are also free to switch on to the manual mode anytime they wish if they prefer to trade on their own and have more control over their trading decisions. One can withdraw funds as and when required just as he can make a deposit as and when required.

Who is Steve McKay?

Steve McKay, is the brain behind the designing of the Bitcoin Code software. Steve McKay, was into software development in one of the topmost tech companies before he came up with the idea of designing a superb online trading bot like the Bitcoin Code. He came up with many unknown facts that exist in the cryptocurrency market and also designed the software in such a way that you can predict trade-based actions so that the users can earn in millions by trading.

Bitcoin Code Review - Brain Behind the Bitcoin Code
Bitcoin Code Reviews – Brain Behind the Bitcoin Code

Wrap Up

Therefore, based on our review of the Bitcoin Code, we can safely conclude that it is a useful automated trading system. It has been designed to meet the trade requirements of both the beginners and the seasoned traders to execute trade effortlessly by generating trade signals using their superior algorithms. After the traders set their trade criteria, the trading robot does the rest of the work. It analyzes the cryptocurrency market by using its technical tools and identifies profitable trading opportunities to execute the trading orders.


Do celebs endorse the Bitcoin Code?

The Bitcoin Code platform is often rumored to have been endorsed by famous celebs like Elon Musk, Peter Jones, Martin Lewis. Elon Musk was even rumored to have been the principal developer of the Bitcoin Code, which is also not true, and Elon Musk himself denied the fact in a press meet. But this does not mean that the platform is a scam as no scam could be proved against this platform. Martin Lewis, the famous finance personality from Great Britain, has also denied any such endorsements. Peter Jones, who is also the Dragon’s Den star and a British Entrepreneur, has also denied having taken part in any such endorsements. The Dragon’s Den star, Peter Jones, also said that all these are internet rumors, and therefore, the platform cannot be blamed for this; neither can it be called a scam.

Does Bitcoin Code have a mobile application?

Yes, the Bitcoin Code itself is a mobile application that can be accessed from any smartphones or any other devices like tablets and iPhones. There is also no need to download the app; it can be accessed via the normal browsers installed on mobile phones.

Is the trader’s money safe at the BTC code platform?

Yes, the traders’ money is absolutely safe at the BTC code platform. All the money and data of the trader are encrypted; therefore, it becomes impossible for the hackers to hack them. Also, the data are protected by SSL certificates.

Is the BTC Code platform a scam?

No, the BTC Code platform is not a scam and is 100% legit.

What is the minimum deposit required to start with the BTC Code platform?

The minimum deposit required is $250. However, the traders can deposit any amount afterward.

Bitcoin Code













  • - Eliminates human error through emotion-free trading
  • - Stop Loss feature
  • - Trade Multiple cryptocurrencies
  • - No regular update required.
  • - Easy operations


  • - Lack of Applications