Bitcoin Trader Review 2020

Overview of Bitcoin Trader
Overview of Bitcoin Trader

What does Bitcoin Trader mean?

Here is our small attempt to provide you with the detailed Bitcoin Trader review. Let us start knowing the Bitcoin Trader step by step covering:

  1. What does Bitcoin Trader platform mean?
  2. How is the customer support on it?
  3. Is Bitcoin Trader a safe trading system to trade bitcoin, etc.

What is a Bitcoin Trader?

One of the basic parts of understanding of our review article is knowing Bitcoin Trader first. Searching for the best trades manually and then placing a trade order is a time-consuming task. As a solution to this, a tool was developed in 2017, which will perform all the tasks on its own, saving human efforts and time. This tool is a Bitcoin Trader. It is designed to assist traders in buying and selling bitcoins with lesser efforts, and it also promises a considerable profit.

Gary Roberts founded it, which many traders are using to boost up their passive income. The commercial of Bitcoin Trader claims that fast trading gives you an advantage over others. One Can trade on a similar platform like others but do it faster with this tool.

Why to choose Bitcoin Trader
Why to choose Bitcoin Trader

This is surely a great idea to build a robot that can assist bitcoin traders in surviving in the dynamic cryptocurrency market. A human mind might find it tiring and impossible to scan hundreds of transactions, cryptocurrency market up-downs, charts, and other details in a few minutes. Bitcoin Trader comes up with a tried and tested automated trading facility, leveraging which bitcoin traders can earn as much as $1,300/day. It demands an initial deposit of $250 to start live trading.

Can I trust Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader, as we have seen above, is an automated trading tool that reduces manual efforts to the minimal level. Whenever we use such platforms or perform any money or information related activity, we definitely go through the reviews available online and try to know as much as possible. It is crucial to clear all the doubts and then proceed.

In the case of a Bitcoin Trader review, there is information talking in favor of this trading robot, and some information is claiming that Bitcoin Trader is a scam.

Most of the time, when traders transact using automated platforms, the profit earnings ratio does go up, but one stands a chance of losing money due to algorithm mismatch, or something can go wrong in the tool or the program. So the risk exists, but that does not make the platform a scam! You can trust it!

Let us dig deeper to know more about Bitcoin Trader!

As per the market report, trading at Bitcoin Trader brings a return of about 88 percent. However, this should not have to change the positive image of it. It is a well working program. If your trading strategies are good, you can earn fortune using it. There are reports by trusted sources available on the internet where they have gone through the all process just like a genuine trader will do. As per these sources, they filled a registration form, been through the verification process, and have also interacted with the robots, as well as the bitcoin wallet and the trading.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews – Earn more Profit with BitcoinTrader
Bitcoin Trader Reviews – Earn more Profit with BitcoinTrader

This what one might feel while trading on Bitcoin Trader:

  • There is nothing really left for a trader to do on the bot.
  • You need to rely on the judgment of the bot.
  • Bitcoin Trader does everything, and all you have to do is receive profit into your account. That’s it.

However, just like any other trading (like bitcoin code), this trading is also subject to the market risk. The boy does its best, but still, it is not the perfect trading system. While most of your transactions would turn out to be profitable, some will not. All the settings a trader has to do are needed to be done daily. But Bitcoin Trader makes this easier, and you can complete the whole process in a few minutes. Bitcoin Trader is well programmed and reliable.

How do I Use a Bitcoin Trader?

Step 1: Registration on Bitcoin Trader

New users need to visit the official website to register. Once the page is open, scroll down and you will see the registration form. Fill the complete form to open your account/profile with Bitcoin Trader. The registration is free of charge and simple. It is a three-step process. First, you will fill your name and Email address. Once done, click on NEXT. Now, you are on the next page where you are asked to type your password (it has to be of a minimum of six characters, including numbers & letters). The third stage is where you are asked to mention your country and phone number. Once all the three steps are completed, click on “Register Now” and get signed up. All this would not take more than 2 minutes (provided the network is good).

Registration with BitcoinTrader
Registration with BitcoinTrader

Step 2: Deposit on Bitcoin Trader

Once the registration is done successfully, you will log in to make the initial deposit. The minimum deposit of $250 has to be to start live trading. It is better if one deposits the exact money they need and not more than that. Especially if you are a beginner, and have doubts about your trading skills, start with the minimum amount only. One can deposit money through multiple payment ways. You can use credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro). Bitcoin Trader provides a secured payment gateway using SSL to prevent theft of financial information. SSL assures of security against theft of information and money!

Step 3: Demo trading by Bitcoin Trader

Once the trading profile is ready to place trade orders, Bitcoin Trader also provides you with a demo trading. New users should go through the demo to understand how the program works and how it would be like to trade. The best point is users get a demo balance here. You can use this demo balance to place a demo trade. Once the balance is over and you are confident of your skill and the tool-based know-how, you can place real trade orders and start trading Bitcoin.

Step 4: Trading on Bitcoin Trader

Now that you are ready to start the actual bitcoin trading, it is suggested to change the settings according to your preferences. You will have to decide on the amount you plan to invest in each trade, the maximum amount you are ready to invest in each trade/day, the currency pair you wish to trade, etc. Just like any other trading platform, or trading activities, you have to start gradually and get a hold on it. Bitcoin Trader claims that your chances of earning more profit are better if you start with small trades and scale up gradually as you get more experienced.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews – How BitcoinTrader works!
Bitcoin Trader Reviews – How BitcoinTrader works!


Some programs make it mandatory for investors to solve a few questions before creating an account. Bitcoin Trader does not ask for it. Plus, traders do not have to attach bank statements of personal IDs. All these things make a registration process very simple for new users.

Withdrawals & Deposits:

As we have seen above, a minimum deposit of $250 has to be made to start live trading. The process of depositing money is smooth and effortless. The trader does not have to place a withdrawal request hours ago if he/she needs money in the account. If one has to make any withdrawals, the process takes a maximum of 24 hours. Withdrawal in the case of Bitcoin Trader is quicker as compared to other trading platforms (like bitcoin code) that take days to complete the process.


As long as charges or fees are concerned, there are none. There are no hidden fees. However, there is a registration fee.

Customer Support:

The program scores well on the customer support front. Bitcoin Trader is pretty much user friendly & interactive that a trader might not need any other help in terms of operations. In the case of customer support, traders can connect to the help team through chat or email address.


The credibility of Bitcoin Trader is discussed on many forums by many people. The auto trading platform is a recent invention introduced to the crypto industry. And this is one of the reasons it is doubted by a few people. It is a human tendency to doubt things until its credibility is proved, and it has led to a few harsh information on the internet.

However, Bitcoin Trader users do not have to worry about it. Fast transactions, easy withdrawals, interactive user interface, active customer support, and customization in operations make this auto trading robot reliable.

Exclusive trading features of Bitcoin Trader:


Bitcoin Trader facilitates customization in the trade settings. Traders can choose different filters to place the right trade order. Customization also adds to the interactiveness of the bot.

Demo Trading:

This feature is beneficial for beginners or new users of the bot. In case the trader is not familiar with the trading or the bot, he/she can take the help of the demo trading to gain the idea. Once the trader gains confidence, he/she can transfer the funds and start the actual trading.

Faster Trading:

One more factor adding to the user-friendliness of Bitcoin Trader is a faster trading process. As we know, it is one of the reliable auto trading robots where the least of the human efforts are required. The amount of time Bitcoin Trader uses to read algorithms is certainly lesser than the time any human would demand. The actual buying & selling is easier and quicker too. All the traders have to do is to make sure that the trade settings are decided every day as per the requirement.

Can we use Bitcoin Trader on our mobiles?

Yes! All you need is a browser and the internet, and you can open the site on your mobile and trade. The interface is friendly. However, if you are looking for an app, you will not find one.

However, each coin has two sides. So before you go ahead. Have a look at the pros & cons and then make your opinion.

Bitcoin Trader Pros

  • Smooth registration process.
  • It provides scope for customization in the trading setting
  • It provides a demo trading feature.
  • You get virtual demo money too.

Bitcoin Trader Cons

  • There is no app by Bitcoin Trader either for iOS or Android.
  • It does not serve people from the USA.

Some other facts to know about Bitcoin Trader:

Yes, It is a fully automated trading software that demands the least human effort or meddling; this auto trading robot is not recommended for traders to deal with a huge amount of funds. It suggested that investors should start with small amounts and trade-in with small funds only. Bitcoin Trader is like any other trading software/app/trading platform in terms of market risk. Hence, traders are recommended to consider this factor while trading.

As Bitcoin Trader does not come in the form of an app, in case your mobile or desktop browser fails to perform properly, try and avoid trading on that device. Y


It claims that the users of the Bitcoin Trader are earning $1300/day on an average. This is a bold claim to make, but the reviews and users’ testimonials give a positive picture of the bot.

However, if you are a new user, you cannot expect such a huge profit using Bitcoin Trader. Trading is all about knowing the market, knowing your own skills, and judgment.

Can You Make Money with a Bitcoin Trader?

If we go by the information, earning money using this Bitcoin Trader does not look hard. Investors are recommended to follow the following tips:

Start small

It is always better to start small, as in case you lose, you lose a little in this. Plus, if you understand the trading, you can start investing more depending on the market.

Withdraw your profits

Traders better withdraw their profit. If you earn a profit, please make a withdrawal request for a certain profit percentage and get them credited in your bank account. Never re-invest everything you earn. Invest where you can afford to lose.

One of the golden rules of investment and trading is investing only that much in those instruments or crypto pairs where you can afford to lose. No matter which platform, the tool you use, investments should earn you more money, not a loss.

Follow the experts

There are many trading gurus and crypto/bitcoin experts on the internet with credible records and portfolios. Following them will give you a better idea of the market.

Has Bitcoin Trader been on TV?

No! All the information you are finding on the internet and other platforms where it is claimed that there is a connection between Bitcoin Trader & TV shows, they are false. It has never been advertised on TV or patronized by celebrities.

Difference between Bitcoin Trader and other trading bots (like Bitcoin Code):

The registration process of this platform is short, smooth, and simple. It does not even take a couple of minutes. Unlike Bitcoin Trader, other trading bots have a lengthy registration process where a trader/user has to answer a long questionnaire to register.

Adding deposit money to an account is easy on Bitcoin Trader. It accepts a variety of payment ways, including credit cards, where you fill a few details, and the deposit is made. Other trading bots ask for your bank statements and ask you many details about your finances. This makes them boring, time-consuming, and not-so user friendly.

Bitcoin Trader allows you to adjust the trading settings to your preferences. Some robots do not offer this possibility and the trading is completely automatic. You have no chance to change any setting.

Online reviews of Bitcoin Trader are way more positive. It adds to the credibility of Bitcoin Trader and makes it reliable. In the case of other trading bots (Bitcoin Code), very harsh reviews are available online, which are questioning their credibility and hence harming the popularity.


Bitcoin Trader facilitates easy withdrawals (no need to request hours ago you need money). One can withdraw the requested amount within 24 hours. Other trading robots ask for a time as long as 10 days to process the request. There are auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Code, which may demand more time.

In short, this is a reliable trading system where one does not have to wait hours ago before performing any action. We came to another very important conclusion that the safety of the funds of people and data is the topmost priority of Bitcoin Trader. Unlike many other crypto trade solutions of its kind, it has never ever reported revealing its customers’ data to third parties without the users’ permission to earn some more money. Instead, it keeps the users’ data safe and encrypted. The data are also secured by SSL certificates that ensure the utmost security and reliability.


Is Bitcoin Trader Legitimate?

Bitcoin Trader is a well known automated trading platform, which can be used to trade Bitcoins as well as other crypto-assets. The firm is established by Gary Roberts and can be considered legitimate.

Is the Bitcoin Trader platform endorsed by any celebrity?

There are numerous rumors online about Bitcoin Trader getting backed from famous TV stars like Gordon Ramsay, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Sir Peter Jones, and many others, but we can confirm that there is no such official claim from Bitcoin Trader, and all these rumors should be classified as fake.

Does Bitcoin Trader support a mobile application for trading?

No, like many other authentic trading platforms, Bitcoin Trader does not recommend any Android or iOS apps for mobile trading; this is primarily done to enhance cybersecurity.

Is the Bitcoin Trader platform safe from cyber miscreants?

Bitcoin traders strictly follow industry-standard protocols to protect all the trading transactions as well as trader’s information from online hackers and cyber miscreants. Each, and every transaction processed by Bitcoin Trader is protected by SSL encryption which ensures all the information is secure and confidential.

How can the customer service team of Bitcoin Trader be reached?

Bitcoin and other digital asset trading platforms are not particularly known for its splendid customer service. However, Bitcoin Trader extends 24/7 assistance to its customers who encounter issues while trading with their application. The customer assistance team can be reached online by email address or live chat, and also by phone call. Further, Bitcoin Trader employs skilled brokers as their customer care administrators to serve customers with any of their trading queries. Moreover, we can authenticate that the responsive team always remains online and accessible to all registered accounts 24/7.

Bitcoin Trader













  • Smooth registration process.
  • It provides scope for customization in the trading setting
  • Bitcoin Trader provides a demo trading feature.
  • You get virtual demo money too.


  • There is no app by Bitcoin Trader either for iOS or Android.
  • Bitcoin Trader does not serve people from the USA