D’CENT’s Wallet Collaborates With Ozys; Launches KLAY Airdrop

D’CENT’s Wallet Collaborates With Ozys; Launches KLAY Airdrop

Headquartered in Korea and working as a globally-acclaimed blockchain firm, Ozys has announced its partnership with D’CENT, one of the safest and most trusted wallet solutions supporting multiple cryptocurrencies. The collaboration will provide seamless access to Ozys’ BApp services running on the Klaytn network for the D’CENT wallet customers. D’CENT wallet owners will enjoy the secure, transparent, and innovative services of Ozys firm.

According to the report, the partnership’s driving force provides unprecedented benefits to the Klaytn blockchain community. The KLAYstation customers will get a fair chance to have streamlined channels for staking and unstaking of their KLAY assets on the mobile wallet solution. Launched in July 2019, KLAYstation is the native staking tool based on the Klaytn system. It supports over 100 million KLAY tokens securely.

Ozys recently became an active participant of Klaytn’s Governance Council. The firm has used Klaytn blockchain to lay the foundation of multiple Decentralized Applications or DApps promoting the community’s growth. Apart from the partnership, D’CENT has announced to organize an airdrop event for KLAY owners giving them a fair chance to earn lucrative KLAY rewards. The event is to celebrate the inclusion of Kaikas, Klaytn’s web-based wallet solution.

The details about the airdrop event include:

  1. Airdrop period – September 21 – October 18
  2. Eligibility – Investors who will buy the D’CENT Biometric wallet during the stipulated period of the event shall be eligible for the rewards.
  3. Prizes – A whopping pool of 1000 KLAY tokens.
  4. The first prize shall be given to 5 participants. Each winner will receive 100 KLAY tokens.
  5. The second prize is to be given to 50 winners, and each will draw 10 KLAY tokens in their credit.
  6. The announcement about the winners shall be made on D’CENT’s official Facebook channel. An individual email will be sent on October 19, listing the winners.
  7. Winners will receive their KLAY rewards on October 19 in their wallets.

Steps To Participate

  1. Buy a D’CENT Biometric wallet within the given time frame.
  2. Transfer KLAY to the purchased wallet.
  3. Install the Kaikas wallet and integrate it with the D’CENT Biometric wallet.
  4. Put KLAY for staking at KLAYstation (irrespective of the staking volume.)
  5. Submit the event participation form on the official contact.

D’CENT wallet includes a built-in Dapp browser that helps users access a plethora of blockchain services like DeFi and NFT operation. It lends support to all the popular crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. The D’CENT and Ozys partnership will encourage DeFi adoption and allow users to have quick access to a revolutionary wallet.