Ex-Bitcoin.com CEO Presents Sonic Capital

Ex-Bitcoin.com CEO Presents Sonic Capital

With long work experience as the CEO of the Bitcoin.com wallet, Stefan Rust has announced the launch of a new entity named Sonic Capital to explore the potential of carbon credit market channels. The new firm will take pride in being the first venture capital and impact investment fund in Asia that is blockchain tokenized. The fund will provide necessary support and leverage to firms across the globe at the Late Seed and Series A tiers of investment.

As per the official news report, Sonic Capital will invest funds in startups that will promise to impact the proliferation of blockchain and its products. The entity’s main focus will be on firms that will work in the field of blockchain adoption with the ultimate aim of eliminating environmental and social disparities. It will favor projects and startups that will help revive the environment, sustainable development, and social equality. The business entities facilitating the adoption of carbon credit markets will be benefitted in a big way through the fund.

Sonic Capital aspires to use the expertise of blockchain technology and digital tokens in reducing the disparities, limitations, and inconsistency prevailing in the global carbon market domain. It will offer a spectrum of services and robust infrastructure to the involved firms to provide high-end security, transparency, speed, reliability, and cost-efficiency. The fund will plunge the costs related to credit issuance that will offer greater liquidity and increased participation.

The Institute of International Finance or IIF revealed that the global carbon sector is likely to expand 160x to satisfy the Paris Agreement guidelines and reduce the unpleasant impact of the firms on the environment. The voluntary carbon credits are a reliable source for environmental complications as they satisfy the regulatory protocols and provide funds for projects featuring carbon reduction from various channels.

The honorable spearhead stated that Sonic Capital will offer solutions that would foster the growth of blockchain technology and unraveled carbon sphere opportunities. The team will provide the best infrastructure modules to the firms to encourage security, accountability, and transparency at large. The firm will offer the expert experience to the partners as business leaders, investors, and traders for overall development. The tokenization feature will allow people to invest in using their mobile phones and joining the Sonic interface.