The 2021 In-depth Immediate Edge Review

After mutual funds and gold investments, Cryptocurrency trading is an emerging trend. Many investors are earning billions out of this market. The global Cryptocurrency market accounted for $754.0 Million in 2019, with an anticipated CAGR of 11.2% to reach $1,758.0 Million by 2027. In the wake of Coronavirus, the Cryptocurrency market is estimated at $979.5 Million, for the year 2020. No matter the Covid-19 pandemic is giving a tough time to almost every business sector. But the Crypto market is being consistent, steady, and vibrant in terms of investment.

Behind the huge popularity of Cryptocurrency investment, there lie several reasons like a decentralized system, fraud protection, improved transactional security, transparency, growing remittances, and much more. Many times we receive an email regarding investing in Cryptos and yielding a great amount of ROI. However, some of us simply ignore those emails as we are not aware of the Crypto trading whereas others just don’t believe in those firms offering assistance in Crypto trading.

Immediate Edge Reviews - Start Trading now!
Immediate Edge Reviews – Start Trading now!

Most individuals hesitate about investing money in this new form of currency. Because there is always a need to perform in-depth market research before investing our hard-earned money. Moreover, there is always the risk of a scam associated with sharing personal information and finances. Many of us might have the dream of earning a lot of money but don’t have enough time to perform market research and analysis. Considering this, multiple technology partners have come forward with advanced auto trading platforms that take care of investing, trading, and generating profits for users.

If we notice, there are multiple Crypto auto trading Apps and Platforms available in the market that claim to be highly profitable in terms of profit generation from Cryptos. But not every app is transparent and reliable enough to stake your money at. While choosing any random app or platform, you are making yourself vulnerable to scam and frauds. Therefore, it needs to be a well-evaluated decision. There are multiple market analysts who go on reviewing such software based on real-time experiences. 

Here, we are going to reveal one similar review done for a trading application, i.e., Immediate Edge. Before starting with the Immediate Edge review, let’s first understand the basics of Cryptocurrency and Crypto trading.

What is Cryptocurrency & Crypto Trading?

To give a brief about Cryptocurrency, it is a digital currency used to perform financial transactions in the form of blockchain technology. Some popular Cryptos are BitCoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), etc. Many people are generating great profits via investing and trading such currencies. Cryptocurrency is a growing billionaire dollar market that can bring fortune to anyone, given that the investment is done after in-depth research of the market trends. Just like mutual funds, the risk is always there due to fluctuating market trends. However, there are some powerful and efficient ways to accumulate wealth from the highly volatile market of Cryptocurrency. One best way is to invest through an auto trading software. Gradually, it is gaining appreciation amongst investors.

It is often seen that people who invest money in Cryptocurrency trading (on their own) are not generating much profits as compared to the investors who are using full-fledged apps or platforms for auto trading. Not only high revenue generation but using automated apps for trading also helps investors to cut down on time and manual efforts. Moreover, a programmed auto trading robot always makes you invest in profitable trades. 

Undoubtedly, the intervention of technology is always appreciated as it helps to cut the cost while being accurate and efficient. And, the leading Crypto Auto Trading app like Immediate Edge is doing the same to the Cryptocurrency investors. What is this app and how does it work? Let’s have a look below:

Immediate Edge Services 

Immediate Edge Reviews - Make More Money
Immediate Edge Reviews – Make More Money!

Founded by Edwin James, Immediate Edge is the latest Crypto software that has been designed by a team of software engineers. Using this software, you can trade different cryptos including BTC (the most preferred cryptocurrency in the market) for generating revenues. Immediate Edge is a fully-automated trading software that requires zero manual trading skills. It means an ordinary person can also use this to make money from the lucrative Cryptocurrency market, without any fear of losses. 

Currently, this universal trading platform holds a huge client-base in almost 150 countries, making over billions of dollars of profits from its forex trading mechanisms. That means this software is being used by millions of people worldwide.

What are the features of Immediate Edge?

When we were creating this Immediate Edge Review, we tested all of its features for reliability and usability. Below is a list of pointers explaining some important features and their reviews. Have a look!

A Thoughtful Investment

Immediate Edge is an auto-trading platform built on Artificial Intelligence and High-end Algorithms. The app initiates trading only if it senses significant profits from the current market trends. Its trading robot has already done their research and analysis at the back-end which is way more accurate and efficient than manual trading. Therefore, we must say that the Immediate Edge app always performs a thoughtful investment.

Demo Trading

This feature is basically meant for beginners who are new to Cryptocurrency trading online. It offers you a ‘Demo Trading’ option to study the trading system workflow. This type of trading doesn’t involve real money. It is purely meant to help you understand the trading process. However, there is no sense of using this feature of Immediate Edge because the app is automated using the advanced algorithms of technology. In case, anyone is interested in learning about trading, he/she can use it.

After reading this review, we recommend users to try the Demo Trading feature once.  You will understand some basic concepts to widen your knowledge about the Crypto market.

Live Trading

This is the core feature of the Immediate Edge’s auto trading system. Unlike Demo Trading, Live Trading involves real money. When we performed the Immediate Edge review, we performed a few live trading sessions too. And, they were all great, and generated certain profits for us. We were able to start Live Trading with a simple click on the tab provided in the app. Once clicked, everything was automated by trading robot(s) of the Immediate Edge while we were just observing the workflow of the app.

Flexible Payouts

While using any trading application, the biggest concern remains the payouts. Well, we reviewed Immediate Edge from this aspect as well. We initiated payouts from the money we invested in Live Trading. We were thrilled to see that there are no charges on withdrawal, plus there is no limit on the amount that you can withdraw. 24 hours withdrawals are supported at Immediate Edge App. We always recommend you withdraw money periodically & save it in a bank account.

Excellent Verification System

An easy registration and verification was another criteria that we listed in our review process. Many times the users are pestered with lengthy form filling and multiple verifications at the time of registration. It is not at all the case with the Immediate Edge. When we registered with the Immediate Edge, it didn’t ask us for a lot of information. 

There are minimal details required while registering and getting started with this automated trading platform. You simply need to fill in personal details like Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Card details. The app does not ask you about IDS or further bank details. Getting started with this auto trading Immediate Edge app is not at all a hazardous task.

User Reviews

In the digital world, customer reviews and testimonials work wonders when it comes to attracting new customers, while winning the trust of the existing ones. With Immediate Edge App, understanding and getting started with it, is transparent as the app offers User Testimonials. On the official website of the Immediate Edge, you can find 1000s of satisfactory users’ testimonials who have already used this automated trading app. Multiple positive testimonials are another factor to consider while choosing this application.

24/7 Customer Service

Customer support is the need of the hour. When it comes to online trading software it is important that you have customer service ready all the time. And, Immediate Edge believes in happy and satisfied customers. Therefore, it offers 24/7 customer service. This app is currently being used by 1000s of users worldwide. It means the demand for customer service is high all the time. For any customer, it is of utmost importance that there is customer service support to solve his/her queries while using the app.

Why do you need to use the Immediate Edge App for Cryptocurrency Trading?

Before choosing any trading software, it is of utmost importance that you are aware of its positives and negatives when compared to its competitors. To ease down your task of researching and comparing, we have listed out multiple pros from our Immediate Edge review below.

Immediate Edge Reviews - Why to Choose?
Immediate Edge Reviews – Why to Choose?

Cross-platform Accessibility

In today’s mobile-driven world, most software and applications are preferred due to their cross-platform availability. Gone are the days when users opened up computers and laptops to access applications. Today’s generation requires everything in their hands ready to tap.

To meet the rapidly growing needs of the market, the Immediate Edge trading platform has extended its services to multiple devices like Mobile, Desktops, and Laptops. You can use Immediate Edge Account over any platform without any hassle or interruption. There is zero compromise over its user-experience on different devices.

Low and Convenient Deposit

While investing with some software, the amount of money to start with is always a concern. With Immediate Edge Auto Trader, you don’t need to worry about this. As you can start trading with a minimum deposit of $250. Unlike other apps, you can start small with this app while harvesting huge profits on a daily basis. For new investors, it is the best approach to start with the minimum deposit.

Additionally, there are flexible payment options on the deposit page including Bank Cards (Master and Visa Cards), PayPal, and others. That means you can choose any mode of payment at your convenience and start trading.

Simple & Easy to Use

Usability over Complexity- a success mantra of the Immediate Edge. In our Immediate Edge app review, we noticed one thing that using this trading platform is very easy. Any person who is new with Cryptocurrency trading can easily register and start using an Immediate Edge account. To support its simple and easy to use feature, there are many other reviews as well.

Immediate Edge is completely automated, it means you do not require any trading expertise to use it. With a click of a button, you can start Live Trading and you no longer have to monitor the market fluctuations all day. The intelligent trading robot of Immediate Edge will do the job for you. Plus, there is a guide provided by Immediate Edge App to set up the account and initiate trading.


The increasing cases of online scam and thefts are creating a terror in people about sharing personal information over the internet. In regards to the Immediate Edge, it uses sufficient data encryption which means your money and personal information are secured from online scam and forgery. Additionally, there are features like an advanced password policy, where the app doesn’t accept weak passwords. You always need to set complex passwords so that your account can be saved from hackers.

Plus, Immediate Edge is in compliance with the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This regulation was released a few years back in order to save European’s rights against sharing personal information to the online service providers.

Highly Regulated Brokers with No Broker Fees

In our Immediate Edge Review, we noticed that the platform has partnered with the regulated brokers. When you register with the app, the app software will match your profile with one of the most suitable partner brokers. All your deposits and transactions will be facilitated by them. And, you don’t need to pay any extra money to them even.

The involvement of a regulated broker also ensures that your money is in safe hands. Because there are reputable regulators such as CySEC, FCA, and others who ask for periodic reports from the brokers on the deposit usage while segregating them. So, you get professional and qualified assistance from regulated brokers, too without paying anything. 

Proven Success Rate & No Scam

Immediate Edge Reviews - Proven Success Rate
Immediate Edge Reviews – Proven Success Rate

The success rate of a certain software is a critical element for the investors. While we were reviewing Immediate Edge App, we noticed that there is a significant success rate for every amount you invest. As compared to other trading apps and platforms available in the market, the Immediate Edge reviews unveiled that the success rate is over 85% always.

If you are new to Cryptocurrency investment, you do not need to worry about the invested money. Because the automated trading robot of Immediate Edge app, only invest when the market is up, and the profits are guaranteed. Otherwise, they keep on researching and analyzing the Cryptocurrency market all the time.

Well, it is all about the positives associated with the Immediate Edge review. We performed an in-depth review of the Immediate application and tried to stay fair in our statements. There is hardly any negative involved with Immediate Edge trading app. If we had found, we might have listed here. To call it an end, we highly recommend using the Immediate Edge application for paving your way to success with Crypto investment. 

It is noteworthy that investment in digital assets like Cryptocurrency via any trading app like Immediate Edge is always risky. Therefore, you are not at all recommended to invest all your wealth into it. Start with a small amount which you can put at risk.


Crypto trading and Forex trading can be daunting but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try. Weighing risks and opportunities in the Crypto trading market and registering with a legitimate and reliable automated online Crypto broker can go a long way in conducting and sustaining trades profitably. Ultimately, conducting your own research and ensuring a platform’s authenticity, payment procedure, customer service, brokerage fee are essential. In our review, we found the immediate edge platform fast in it’s withdrawal process, and prompt in resolving customer queries. Keeping in mind market volatility, the platform gives traders, beginners or experts optimal deals. Immediate Edge navigates it’s traders towards calculated and balanced trading choices and decisions. 


1. Is there any registration fee for Immediate Edge?

No. You do not need to pay any fee for account opening with Immediate Edge. You can start investing with a minimum deposit of $250.

2. What are the chances of success with Immediate Edge?

According to multiple Immediate Edge reviews available on the internet, the success rate of Immediate Edge lies in-between 80-90%. As per our review, the success rate is over 85% when you use Immediate Edge software. It is no scam and a legit application to use for trading.

3. Is there any Mobile App for Immediate Edge?

You can use the Immediate Edge app on web browsers over laptops and smartphones. But, there is no specific Mobile App available on Apple or Google Play Store.

4. Which Cryptos are supported on the Immediate Edge App?

You can trade every Cryptocurrency present in the market including Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. All-time favorite Crypto BitCoin is also supported on Immediate Edge.

5. What is the withdrawal policy of Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge App follows a flexible and transparent 24 hours withdrawal policy. You can initiate payouts at any time of trading, and it will convert your Crypto funds to your Local Currency when withdrawn, no Cryptocurrency Withdrawals are available.

Immediate Edge













  • 24/7 customer service
  • No registration or hidden chargers
  • Easy and faster withdrawals


  • Not available cross various country
  • No mobile app