Koinex Cryptocurrency exchange diversifies blockchain solutions for fintech

One of the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Koinex is planning to get into blockchain solutions. Koinex which is a Mumbai-based company is planning to offer blockchain explanations to monetary and bank institutions rapidly, and for this determination, it has unlocked a different expansion center in Bengaluru. It is also considering a strategy to enlarge its facilities in the worldwide markets.

Backed by renowned VCs Beenext (Singapore) and Pantera Capital (San Francisco)—Koinex will deliver services to resolve problems related to payments, finance, security and investment operations on a worldwide scale. The founder of Koinex’s Rahul Raj informed the BusinessLine that the firm would be subjects such as data fraud, lack of transparency, data tampering, high transactional fees and middleman interferences for monetary institutions.

Informing to one of the recent Thomson Reuters news, Raj stated that the common equity and debt capital markets were attached at $6 trillion and $ 302 billion at the time of the first ten months of 2018. He further stated that with so much massive size of these marketplaces, there is a tremendous prospect to resolve disputes like latency, reconciliation, access to capital and building of new financial instruments, all with the use of blockchain technology, he said, adding that the company will focus on building the next-gen fintech solutions for the emerging digital world.

Also, it would offer blockchain substructure trappings for product designers and creators who could merely create dapps and thrust this expertise to the users. The firm, with the complete staff of 80, is also planning to appoint many people to meet such targets. He said that the company is planning to double its team to be capable of attaining such objectives and will stay to an emphasis on the exchange business together with.

dKoinex also plans to invest about $1 million in 2019 to build the blockchain ecosystem by conducting hackathons, DevCons, and meetups to explore the various nuances of this technology.
Rahul Raj Koinex CEO stated that the company platform is created with the suppleness and mechanical smartness to accept any market obligation. The firm is reflecting on the new contributions on Koinex, and a lot of the company dealers uttered their interest for a cryptocurrency trading passageway. As per him, the company thoughts have coordinated, and it is accelerated the incorporation is set today to provide the complete cryptocurrency pair bunch for unified trading.

About Koinex

Koinex aims at being a game-changer in the nascent Indian blockchain industry. Being a small team, you get the opportunity to work and interact with people from all backgrounds engineering, product development, business & strategy, and customer success. India is yet to find its own blockchain ecosystem, and there is still a lot that’s left to be done on all fronts. The firm is growing quickly with plans to take the ‘Made in India for the love of Blockchain’ label global alongside deepening our Indian operations