OpenCEX by Polygant goes live to accelerate the crypto exchange engine

OpenCEX by Polygant goes live to accelerate the crypto exchange engine

Crypto exchanges provide a bridge between users and crypto trading. What also matters is the platform that enables the architecture to stand. Polygant has launched OpenCEX to reshape crypto trading in the industry and among users.

It is a free and open-source crypto exchange engine that developers can utilize to construct their respective crypto exchanges. There is no specific level of skill required to practice building crypto exchanges on the platform. In fact, every developer gets access to additional functionalities with no restrictions whatsoever.

These are extended to institutions, people in the crypto business, token issuers, and governments. OpenCEX has been built with cutting-edge technology to become an industry standard for building crypto exchanges. Termed ground-breaking and versatile, OpenCEX extends enough offerings to establish an exchange that has been built right from the scratch.

The cloud-based platform combines innovation with the simplicity of simple system integration for all businesses.

The simplicity of the user interface ensures that developers, irrespective of their experience and qualification, can access the platform and go on to construct an exchange mechanism, even with the possibility of making it a UAE crypto exchange. The list already includes Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi, among others, and soon another crypto exchange could feature on the list.

What makes the deployment of a crypto exchange built on OpenCEX better is its ease-of-use and simple interface.

Ease-of-use functionality allows everyone to pitch in, while the simple interface enables quicker swaps. All of this while meeting the needs of advanced traders. Needless to say, it boosts trading activities for primary traders as well.

Clients can claim flexible settings that allow them to customize commissions on withdrawals and deposits. Moreover, they gain access to the statistical tool, which gives insight into the number of new users, the number of transactions executed every day, and geographical details about the users. This dynamic offering also includes the ability to edit the list of cryptocurrencies that a crypto exchange wants to offer its customers.

In other words, thanks to OpenCEX, developers can choose whether or not to offer all cryptocurrencies on their exchange platforms.

OpenCEX can handle a large stream of trades and users while also placing a high interest in the security of funds and information. OpenCEX is expected to play a role with the governments that are in the process of understanding and regulating the crypto industry. These kinds of projects help people understand how trading works and what makes it a safer option.

Stan Chernukhin, the CEO of Polygant, has assured that the company will continue investing in the R&D department for customers to keep getting a better trading experience. Stan has also said that they put system reliability and technical know-how at the top of their list, which lets exchanges grow to serve millions of users.