QTech Games Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payouts for Its Games

QTech Games Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payouts for Its Games

Asian-based gamers may now employ a new crypto-to-game currency provided by the provider to enhance their gaming experience even more. iGaming has just begun to use the inherent power of cryptocurrencies, and QTech is excited to be a part of it.

Use Crypto to Play QTech Games

Bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, and bitcoin cash are just some of the specialized cryptocurrencies that QTech is now enabling gamers to use for withdrawal. There is a high probability that QTech’s products, which are currently only available in fiat currency, will attract new players looking for something new.

The company’s solutions include a real-time exchange system that simplifies gameplay and ensures a smooth onboarding process for new customers. Fiat money or cryptocurrency will be accepted as a form of payment, giving players complete flexibility.

Players’ registrations, promotions, marketing, and other critical functions will be fully in the authority of QTech’s partner operators, allowing the crypto-friendly games and underpinning platform to provide the required experiences.

Gambling and Players Benefit from Crypto’s Inherent Advantages

This is a timely crypto-to-game money breakthrough, which includes the ability to develop virtual currencies as well, according to QTech Games CCO Ulf Norder when discussing this prospect. This is two features in one, he explained: Players may transfer money into their wallets, as usual, convert their balance to any currency (coin or token or play games that aren’t custom crypto games) and then play in real-time, with our unique real-time exchange system protecting them.

Norder went into detail about the synergistic nature of gaming and cryptocurrencies. When it comes to using crypto, the sector was one of the first to realize its benefits, such as faster transactions, lower costs for processing payments, and a more secure and accountable system.

Gaming has been one of the earliest use cases for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency markets are now growing drastically, which also will result in an increase in crypto gaming or gambling sites and retail digital currency adoption. Learn more about Cryptocurrency gambling.

Norder noted that sportsbooks, for example, have been able to provide more significant margins because of this technology, which has removed many of the old expenditures. He said that QTech was delighted to be working with casinos, looking for ways to include crypto technologies into their portfolio.

According to Norder, an exchangeable dollar or a non-fungible token will be “blockchain-ified” at some point. He ends by noting that all of this can be done on the blockchain, eliminating the need for existing banks and their fees. Since everyone who uses a blockchain becomes a root user, it’s a truly democratic system.