The Rise in Cryptocurrency ATMs

Though digital assets and cryptocurrencies have witnessed a fluctuated market, throughout the year, the world seems to be using cryptocurrency as an instrument of payment. This is being proved by the increasing number of cryptocurrency ATMs around the globe.

This year, each day six new cryptocurrency ATMs were established. The count of ATMs has doubled and gone over 4000. Cryptocurrency’s value might be fluctuating, but its use is undoubtedly increasing.

Crypto analytics company Data Light published a few figures and data showing that the cryptocurrency ATM installation activities have increased this year. Many governments did not accept the cryptocurrency at one point, and people used to condemn it as useless or a temporary craze; however, the recent DataLight report is showing positive signs for the crypto future.

The even more surprising detail of the report is, out of the 4051 cryptocurrency ATMs in the world at present, almost all of them transmit Bitcoin, 2,421ATMs offer Litecoin, and nearly half the machines are offering Ethereum. Cryptocurrency Dash is also available at almost 729 ATMs.

Other digital assets like Zcash and Monero are offered at 67 and 128 machines, respectively. This is an impressive and positive stat which shows that the change is not just working for leading, but other cryptocurrencies are getting space too.

In the recently installed ATMs, most of the ATMs were established at the beginning of the year. At this time, the value of the Bitcoin was still high as compared to its value the rest of the year.

One can also go to the Coin ATM Radar site and find out the stats about the ATMs. Users of this app have found 4085 ATMs in the world, from 76 countries.

As per the map on the app, there are 1,258 Bitcoin ATMs in the US. Out of these, over 1,000 ATMs offer Bitcoin Cash. In North America itself, there are around 3,157 crypto ATMs.

In the European region, the UK has more than 200 machines. Central Europe region holds 750 ATMs.

When the rest of the world is gearing up for the new age currency, South America is not an exception too. The region has installed 65 machines. Australia is right after South America with a total of 54 machines.

If 2018, has been this great, one can surely expect a better scenario in the coming future. The increasing count of ATMs indicates that people are opening up for the cryptocurrency.