Web3 Island Makers Announces Web3 Con Canarias on April 15th

Web3 Island Makers Announces Web3 Con Canarias on April 15th

Web3 Island Makers recently announced its upcoming conference, Web3 Con Canarias. Scheduled for April 15, the event was announced via the official Twitter account of the WCC.

According to the Twitter thread, Web3 Island Makers has invited island holders, blockchain innovators, and Web3 entrepreneurs to the Web3 conference. The event will be held in Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.

Given the significance of the event, WCC is anticipated to attract blockchain pioneers from around the world. In addition, Web3 leaders and innovators from around the world are preparing to attend the event.

According to Web3 Island Makers, attendees can expect to witness:

  • Interactive panels and talks amid global Web3 leaders
  • Intimate demo days and workshops involving multiple Web3 projects
  • Panel discussions based around Web3, memorable island adventures, and sustainability

Besides the points mentioned, WCC promises a remarkable experience with additional perks. The platform will be offering beach activities and surfing lessons during the event. As per the thread, it will facilitate a fusion of tropical island culture and vibes.

Web3 Island Makers has requested users be quick since the conference only has a limited number of early bird tickets. The platform even released a list of speakers who will attend the event to entice users. The list includes:

  • Sharon Sciammas, W3B Lab’s Co-Founder
  • Florian Glatz, Common Ground’s Co-Founder, and the VP of The European Crypto Initiative
  • Julian Ivaldy, The Secret Company’s Partner and the Co-founder of Mobula
  • Roy Gibb, Zen Den Coworking’s Founder
  • Raphael Magno Jacinto Garcia, the Founder of the Fuerteventura DAO
  • Mattia Papa, Co-Founder and the Tokenomics Engineer of the Web3 Island Makers
  • Steve Mariani, Traders Island’s Project Lead and the Co-Founder of the Web3 Island Makers
  • Tristan Bochu, Bolero Music’s Product Manager and the Co-Founder of the Web3 Island Makers