1SG Launches on Kryptono Exchange and Top.one Exchange

The Bitcoin market cap has been tremendously lessend from $327 billion to $66 billion from past few months. Among the instability, though, stablecoins appeared to have wind-swept the tempest and endure to improve traction as a digital asset.

Mars Blockchain has recently announced the new launch of its very first stablecoin, 1SG, on the most protuberant cryptocurrency exchanges in the world – Kryptono Exchange & Top.one Exchange.

The fiat-collateralised stablecoin will be available for trading on the platforms from 1 January 2019 onwards. Kryptono Exchange is the most “comprehensive crypto platform for everyone everyday.” It is currently ranked top 30 exchange on Coinmarketcap with a monthly volume of over $500M USD and is expected to act as the perfect middle man to provide the necessary escrow services for users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies and fiat through peer-to-peer exchanges. Top.One offers best quality projects with numerous development services, counting startup backing, commercial referring, supply exchange and exchanges presentations. The core team contains comes from best internet and financial enterprises and has a profound academic accumulation and experience in internet product development network security, blockchain technology, deep knowledge, monetary facilities and review.

A full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange with leading-edge expertise and safety for its customers. It endeavors to offer a specialized and unified knowledge to traders with fast speed, great customer services, and high liquidity.

With the new 1SG on Kryptono Exchange as well as Top.one Exchange, the users of 1SG customers have not to be concern regarding the safety of their cryptocurrency assets, or the trouble of interchange with crypto and bitcoin. customers will also be able to keep their crypto assets safe via both exchange’s air-tight safety events and trade easily without perturbing about probable difficulties.

About 1SG:

1SG is a steady coin, delivered by the Mars Blockchain Group, which overwhelms the difficulties of the present cryptocurrencies. With the important advantages of unchanging worth and high liquidness, Mars Blockchain is a start-up committed to becoming a foremost steady coin in the worldwide cryptocurrency market. 1SG avoids the instability of other main cryptocurrencies by upholding a secured peg to $1 SGD through monetary markets.

About Kryptono Exchange:

Kryptono is a complete cryptocurrency platform for everybody each day. The company wishes to grow the real-world acceptance of cryptocurrency on a worldwide scale. As part of the long-term development of crypto, the company makes cryptocurrency easily accessible and obtainable to everybody via considerate goods custom-made in-house for the mass market.