Augur Launches Version 2 With Revamped User Interface

Augur Launches Version 2 With Revamped User Interface

Version 2 of Augur, the no-limit betting platform, is revamped for a better user interface. In fact, this updated version of Augur includes a myriad of enhancements like DAI stable coin trading and also the ability to trade on markets resolved as invalid. Furthermore, Augur V2 will enable users to make limitless bets on various predictable outcomes, right from politics to sports to a lot more.

In a bid to increase awareness on the integration of Torus with Augur V2, the former declared that all those making predictions on Augur with Torus would stand a chance of winning 200 DAI. Also, the users making it into the first 80 predictions will receive an assured 5 DAI. In both instances, the prize amount of 5 or 200 DAI will be credited to the user’s Torus wallet.

The campaign was started on August 5, 2020, and prizes will be distributed after August 23, marking the end of the campaign.  

To qualify for the assured 5 DAI, users must log in to their Augur account with Torus, after which, they must place a bet. Please note, only the first 80 logins will qualify. Also, users further stand a chance to win 200 DAI after conducting their first bet.

The latest update to Augur, known as version 2, comes with a built-in Torus; and, this means a seamless onboarding procedure, right from the login process to top up one’s Torus wallet to placing bets or making market predictions.

Note: Depending on the number of tokens the user wishes to purchase, they may be required to do a KYC verification for buying ETH and DAI. The new integration gets better and easier as the users can also log into Augur V2 using their Google accounts. All they have to do is enter their account credentials, followed by verification of their previously set up two-step authentication or 2FA.