Implements a New SMS Notification Feature Implements a New SMS Notification Feature

Recently, BitMax Support announced that is implementing a new SMS notification feature to improve the updates of account activity. This feature is applied only to pop up the notification, not to verify the user identity. 

After the implementation of a new feature, there are different steps for new and existing users to add a phone number and turn on the notification.

  1. A new user needs to sign-up to add his phone number.
  2. A current user will get a window after login into the account for the first time. 

After login into the account, one can add his phone number, and by default, the SMS notification will turn on. But, if any user wants to add his phone number later, then, he needs to follow some steps:

  1. You have to go to Account Settings.
  2. Click on SMS Notification by [Me] or the web browser.
  3. Or click on SMS Notification through the APP/H5. team suggests its users add their phone number and turn on the SMS notifications to get the daily and timely text updates of the account activities.