CEX.IO Exchange Plus: All-in-one trading platform with deep liquidity

CEX.IO Exchange Plus: All-in-one trading platform with deep liquidity

CEX.IO announces the launch of CEX.IO Exchange Plus, expanding the legacy of the finest trading platform with improved functionality and deep liquidity backed by CEX.IO Prime.

Based on the legacy and capabilities of CEX.IO’s Exchange product, CEX.IO Exchange Plus showcases an intuitive design and enhanced functionality. Traders will get a one-stop shop having a more comprehensive range of crypto markets. Users can monitor and respond to market movements from a single trading platform with the help of TradingView’s advanced price charting.

CEX.IO is one of the leading fintech platforms with advanced features in the crypto market.

However, it is essential to check the CEX.IO review before you start trading. The review will provide all information on payment methods, affiliation programs, API, trading fees, and supported countries.

Using “smart router” technology, Exchange Plus can access a wide range of bids across global markets. This eventually decreases price spread and slippages and helps display the most recent pairings to the users.

CEX.IO Exchange Plus Features

The CEX.IO Exchange Plus features are great to be used for advanced crypto trading. Here are the features offered by the exchange’s latest launch:

New order types: CEX.IO Exchange Plus encourages personalized trading strategies with added conditions such as Good Till Date (GTD), Immediate or Cancel (IOC), and Good Till Cancel (GTC), including market and limit orders.

Sub-accounts: CEX.IO Exchange Plus users can generate a maximum of five sub-accounts to broaden trading strategies and personalize their trading approach.

Detailed trading history: CEX.IO Exchange Plus gives specific information about each trade that helps users to generate comprehensive reports on their trading activity.

Multi-functional Price charts: TradingView’s advanced charting services helps users to conduct detailed technical analysis without leaving the trading terminal.

Overall, we can say that CEX.IO Exchange Plus combines an intuitive and straightforward interface with ultra-modern functionality to enhance the trading experience for both new and experienced traders.