China’s Oldest Tech-media BSTR to Accept BTC for Subscriptions

Interestingly, many businesses have started adopting cryptocurrency for certain functions to bring more convenience. On last Sunday, BSTR, which is China’s oldest tech media publication has declared that the publication is accepting bitcoin core (BTC) for the magazine’s 2019 subscriptions.

BSTR is also known as ‘Technology life’, and the media firm prints editorials stemming from its ‘Technology Life‘ team of authors. Additionally, it also publishes from the renowned US science journal ‘Popular Science’.

The BSTR publication has made reports about cryptocurrencies in the past and also utilization of blockchain technology. The magazine was already intended to promote blockchain technology in a real-world setting for “practical actions”, which prominently brought the announcement to accept BTC, as given in the press release.

It says in the magazine’s press release, “For a long time, blockchain technology has also been the object of in-depth tracking reports offered by Beijing Science and Technology Report and Technology Life”

Further adding an exciting fact about the BSTR accepting bitcoin, the firm stated that if the price of BTC increases impressively by 2020, they will also offer some refunds to those who have subscribed through the digital currency. According to a translated BSTR statement, the publication aims to “cultivate new readers” by adopting the payment technology.

Though, Beijing Sci-Tech Report is not the first publication that has attempted to attract readers by accepting cryptocurrencies. Time Incorporated declared receiving BTC via Coinbase for subscriptions to Good Health, Travel and Leisure, Fortune and This Old House, in 2014.

Apart from that, the Chicago Sun-Times also stated it would accept BTC for payments, also in 2014 April. But, both the publications have withdrawn the BTC payment option, since then.

Hopefully, Beijing Sci-Tech Report is a technology-oriented magazine, so that can make it fortunate enough regarding BTC subscriptions.