Coinigy Inks Partnership With IntoTheBlock to Give Data Intelligence to Users

Leading cryptocurrency trading platform Coinigy has partnered with IntoTheBlock in a bid to offer a new level of data intelligence to users, said reports. After the partnership, IntoTheBlock (ITB) will employ its resources to introduce more detailed analytics for Coinigy’s scores of daily users.

It is worth mentioning that ITB makes optimum utilization of machine learning and the latest statistics to produce indicators for crypto assets.

Users will be able to spot the latest feature on Coinigy V2 under the Insights tab.

Users of Coinigy will now be able to gain swift access to four latest indicators, namely “In the Money,” “Net Network Growth,” “Concentration,” and “Large Transaction.”   

It is important to note that ITB offers an opportunity to register the real growth of the network underlying an asset.

For any address containing a positive balance of tokens, ITB strives to discover the average price or cost at which those tokens were bought and then the company compares it with the existing price. 

The ownership indicator offers a glance of a crypto asset’s “Capital Stack” as per the concentration. And, Large Holders are then separated between Whales (addresses over 1 percent of the circulating supply) and Investors (addresses that contain 0.1 percent to 1.0 percent of the circulating supply). The remaining addresses will be considered as Retail.

It is worth mentioning that ITB considers Large Transactions as those transactions that a value of $100,000 or more.

Earlier in the year 2019, Coinigy launched Coinigy Mobile 0.5.25 for Android users. It allowed users to seek benefits of several important features, performance improvements along with dark and light modes.

Coinigy has carved its identity as a leading cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform that provides smooth access to over 40 exchanges.

It has now emerged as a one-stop-shop trading platform that seeks to streamline the procedure of tracking and to trade a vast selection of coins that can be discovered on several exchanges.

Additionally, Coinigy integrates a vast range of features that can put an end to the various complexities linked with handling cryptocurrency portfolios. Coinigy has also combined several tools discovered on different exchanges into one user-friendly platform.

Meanwhile, IntoTheBlock is a popular Data Intelligence Platform for the crypto assets market. ITB has also launched a distinctive approach to providing signals and insights for the latest asset class.

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