Coinitix: A Name in Bitcoin Buying Space to Reckon With

Coinitix: A Name in Bitcoin Buying Space to Reckon With

One of the impeding factors associated with the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the lack of a platform that will allow users to buy digital coins with conventional payment methods like credit cards or bank transfers. It is a critical problem that is hampering the Bitcoin adoption rate as users find it challenging to adopt complex procedures in the crypto sphere to purchase digital currency. 

Thankfully, this problem is now over with Coinitix taking the Bitcoin game to another level. The Coinitix exchange platform offers users an opportunity to buy Bitcoin using their credit cards. It is absolutely an amazing facility, and thanks to this medium, buying Bitcoin has become a child’s play. In addition to offering this convenience to prospective customers, Coinitix offers a host of other segment-first features that take the convenience of buying Bitcoin to a different level altogether. The following are some of the key highlights of Coinitix that make this Bitcoin currency purchase platform the first preference of customers. 

Fast Payouts

The lag in the cryptocurrency payouts has acted as a stumbling block for many Bitcoin buyers in the past. It is a hassle, and given the fact that Bitcoin is promoted as being faster than the conventional currencies, this lag in payout is even more absurd. 

Fortunately, Coinitix offers the cryptocurrency payouts, which are fast, and this aspect is quite satisfying for potential buyers. As a customer, you are assured that your payouts will not be subjected to any unnecessary delay, which will boost your confidence in the cryptocurrency. These faster payouts are also catalyzing the adoption of Bitcoin in the long run among the masses. 

Affordable Commission Fee

Many people complain about high commission fees that usually cryptocurrency platforms charge while users make transactions related to digital coins. Cryptocurrency experts and analysts have long emphasized the need to rationalize commissioning costs to help the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. 

Coinitix has implemented the fair commissioning structure and is only one of the few platforms available in the commercial space, offering a competitive commissioning fee to customers. Further, there are no hidden charges, which means buyers can buy Bitcoin on the Coinitix platform at a competitive price. 

Rapid Verification

Fast data processing and verification process is another credible feature of the Coinitix platform. This also speaks volumes about the platform’s credibility in analyzing the data, executing the processes, and operating the mechanism at a lightning-fast speed for better customer convenience. It is also a reassuring factor for the customers that the Coinitix is right up there in terms of the quality and competitiveness compared to the best in the industry. 

Round the clock customer assistance

For Coinitix, customer orientation is of utmost importance. This explains the reason why customers continue to remain at the epicenter of all its activities. To help the prospective buyers, the platform offers round-the-clock customer support assistance that can be reached either on email or via live chat. Both of these options are very handy, and in case there is some issue or challenge that a customer faces, they can raise the query with the customer support to have prompt help from the company’s executive. 

Regulated Nature

The most significant and reassuring aspect related to the Coinitix platform is its regulated nature. Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, the Coinitix has got the license for offering services related to the virtual currency from the Republic of Estonia. The ministry of economic affairs of the country has provided the Coinitix affiliation to offer the services to the customers – making the platform safe, secure, and trustworthy. 


To keep things simple for users, creating an account on the Coinitix is quite an easy task. One needs to create the account and then verify it to start with the Bitcoin buying process. It is not difficult to fathom the reasons behind the rising popularity of the Coinitix platform. It offers safe and secure investment opportunities, a competitive commission fee, fast crypto payouts, and 24×7 customer support assistance. Additionally, the regulated nature of the platform makes Coinitix a perfect recipe for success.