Coronavirus Outbreak Leads to Postponement of Several Asian Crypto Conferences

Asian Crypto Conferences

The fear of coronavirus has gripped almost everyone all across the globe. And, the latest in series includes a large number of cryptocurrency-related conferences all across Asia that got differed as a result of the epidemic outbreak.

According to the report, TOKEN2049, a leading crypto event that takes place every year in Hong Kong, has become the latest one to defer its scheduled conference.

It was earlier slated to take place in the middle of March 2020. Reports state that TOKEN2049 will now take place later in the year on October 7-8, 2020.

According to the TOKEN2049 team,

According to the TOKEN2049 team

A large number of crypto firms are quick to stop all operations amid the prevailing coronavirus threats and political protests.

According to reports, Hong Kong has earlier made announcements of its plans to shut border crossing with mainland China in a bid to check the spread of the virus any further. However, Hong Kong continues to witness major uncertainty as a result of the local anti-government protests.

Meanwhile, yet another leading blockchain remittance start-up, known as Bitspark suddenly made an announcement of its closure in the last week, highlighting various internal rearrangement issues along with ongoing coronavirus outbreak and political protests.

If the latest reports are to be believed, Hongkong Blockchain Week 2020 and Binance Blockchain Week have already been put on hold. Binance has confirmed that the company will compensate the registered guests. Meanwhile, Binance will shortly announce a new date for the event.

Meanwhile, the event organizer for Hong Kong Blockchain Week claimed that they would soon make an announcement of the new date as soon as it gets decided.

The novel coronavirus has unleashed its massive impact on the crypto and blockchain industry. Many companies and people linked with the industry have announced steps to tackle the deadly virus that has claimed more than 500 lives so far in China and affected thousands of people.