How Delta Exchange is Emerging as One of the Most Secure Crypto Derivatives Exchanges in 2021

How Delta Exchange is Emerging as One of the Most Secure Crypto Derivatives Exchanges in 2021
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Security is key when it comes to any sort of asset trading. There’s quite literally your money on the line, after all. Even more so in derivatives trading, and especially crypto derivatives trading, where market movements are significant and potential profits immense. It’s why Delta Exchange has focused on state-of-the-art platform security with several protocols in place to ensure secure and safe trading experiences for crypto traders – a model for the rest of the sector, to be frank. With tech support, integrated APIs, and sophisticated tech infrastructure, users have assured security simultaneously with a smooth and seamless trading experience.

As Delta claims on its website – it

provides enterprise-grade security by allowing you to store cryptocurrencies in multisig wallets, handled and hosted by reputed custody solutions providers that include the likes of BitCo and Curv. In addition, all withdrawals are processed manually to ensure formidable security.

What is Delta Exchange?

For the uninitiated – Delta Exchange is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that offers Futures, Perpetuals & Options trading across Bitcoin and major altcoins with up to 100x leverage. It also has various innovative product offerings like Calendar Spreads, Turbo Options, Interest Rate Swaps, and Robo Trading Strategies.

Imbued with a powerful matching engine, lightning-fast APIs, a self-learning interface, advanced order types, Delta facilitates access to a state-of-the-art trading platform created for the digital asset markets.

Why choose Delta Exchange?

Currently, a handful of crypto exchanges avail derivatives, and there’s much discontent among the trader community regarding questionable practices and widespread market manipulation in some of the trading venues.

Thus, Delta Exchange offers a suitable and trustable alternative in such a situation with a fair, safe, and reliable way to trade crypto derivatives. That goes along with its policy of putting the #TradersFirst both retail and institutional and serve right by the customers.

Security at Delta Exchange

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At Delta Exchange, the security and privacy of users are taken very seriously by implementing enterprise-grade security protocols to keep both crypto and user data at its safe custody. 

Given the prevalence of widespread malicious attacks like phishing and security breaches to steal cryptocurrencies, it is highly advised to adopt a few basic precautionary practices to ensure your account’s safety.

Some of these practices for your account include:

1. Having different Credentials by creating a unique email account just for Delta along with a unique password that may be supplemented with password-keeping applications like 1Password and others.

2. By using Two-Factor Authentications (2FA) alongside passwords in the form of an email, SMS, or fingerprint to ensure the safety of your Delta account and your digital assets as it adds an additional layer of security to all your online platforms.

3. Staying clear of Scammers by not disclosing your credentials to anyone other than yourself. Do not entertain people who ask for your security credentials and reach out to the support team for any queries.

Check out the full blog on security on their official website.

Products and Services

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There are many products available at Delta Exchange that supply all your trading needs. Delta Exchange provides a uniquely tailored service for your special needs, from buying or selling crypto assets at the best rates to Algo trading strategies.

Some of its products include:

1. Futures with fixed expiry and perpetual contracts on BTC and 50+ altcoins.

2. Call and Put Options on BTC and other leading altcoins like Ripple and Litecoin with up to 50x leverage.

3. Robo Strategies feature allows users to conveniently select, subscribe, and track strategy performance, monitor results, and manage deployed capital.

4. MOVE Contracts on leading altcoins like BNB and LINK

5. Calendar Spread contracts on Bitcoin and other altcoin futures.

6. Interest Rate Swaps(IRS) on derivatives with one that is predictable and fixed.

7. Spot, which allows you to buy & sell top crypto assets at the best rates.

Delta Exchange promises a strong focus on security and uses the best-in-class infrastructure to secure customer funds.

The features mentioned earlier and quality service make Delta Exchange the best cryptocurrency derivatives exchange platform and give it a significant edge over its competitors.
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