DeltaHub Capital Seals Partnership Deal with DeFi Wizard

DeltaHub Capital, or DHC, one of the largest cryptocurrency communities, has entered into a strategic partnership with DeFi Wizard, a leading multi-chain DeFi Legos solution. DeltaHub Capital aims at empowering the most idealistic and innovative aspect of blockchain technology – DeFi (decentralized finance).

With this partnership, DHC will be able to utilize the invaluable resources of DeFi Wizard to provide the best one-click DeFi solutions to the DHC community members. Following this collaboration with DeFi Wizard, the DHC Liquidity Mining Program will also be going live early next week.

With the creation of multiple token contracts that need to be audited by numerous projects, there is a dire need for products that can provide one-click audited smart contracts so that multiple projects can utilize them.

To overcome this limitation, DeltaHub Capital has partnered with DeFi Wizard. It provides a dashboard that enables developers to create DeFi smart contracts with just a few clicks. Besides offering real-time programmer analytics, it also allows developers to create smart contracts for audited BEP20 /ERC20/EDST tokens by staking, yield farming, or governance.

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