Reef Finance Collaborates with Manta DEX to Boost DeFi Adoption

Reef Finance Collaborates with Manta DEX

Reef Finance, a leading cryptocurrency platform for DeFi (decentralized finance) has announced its collaboration with Manta Network to offer its users hassle-free access to liquidity directly from the Manta DEX (decentralized exchange) platform.

With the development of new applications and new opportunities, participating in all the DeFi projects together becomes a hectic task. This can only be simplified by aggregating solutions that can be applied to all the DeFi projects. Reef Finance is the significant cross-chain DeFi application with an inbuilt smart liquidity aggregator that enables traders to access liquidity from centralized as well as decentralized exchanges.

In this partnership with Manta Network, a decentralized exchange, Manta will be leveraging the parachain architecture of the Polkadot protocol to moot interoperability to the Manta DEX. This will help Manta to support any parachain assets on their interface, thereby bringing tremendous opportunities in the Manta ecosystem.

Therefore, with this collaboration, Reef users felt a sigh of relief that they can now access the liquidity pools from one of the most significant DeFi platforms – Polkadot. Moreover, with Manta, transactions are absolutely safe because it uses zk-SNARK to provide high throughput, complete end-to-end anonymity, and high cross-chain interoperability, to achieve faster transactions finality through a Layer-1 solution. 

According to Denko Mancheski, the CEO of Reef Finance,

Denko Mancheski said

Besides this, Reef also offers its users seamless access to numerous DeFi products through its AI (artificial intelligence) driven personalized Yield Engine. It aggregates liquidity into one single pool and provides AI-powered recommendations that help users to make better investment choices thereby lowering the entry barriers for first-time users.

The more activity occurs on-chain, the better the engine becomes. Once the feature goes live, users begin to customize their strategies based on the extent of risk they can afford to take. Reef aims to provide its users seamless access to the best liquidity sources, and the partnership with the Manta DEX network is a giant leap towards that accomplishment.