FailArmy Will Now Be Streaming on Streaming Platform

FailArmy Will Now Be Streaming on Streaming Platform viewers are thoroughly ecstatic after THETA network announced that it would be partnering with FailArmy for the next content on the global platform. The Theta Network is a blockchain-powered content delivery platform that delivers high-bandwidth content using decentralized technology.

Hugh bandwidths and high transfer speeds are the essential services required for video streaming platforms. These platforms are accessed by thousands of viewers simultaneously; the Theta network aims to provide both to the video streaming portals. 

The web comedy leader FailArmy with its rich fan base across YouTube & social media handles, will help to expand its content offering beyond esports. The platform now wants to explore other content like streaming live poker games onto its platform, or some classic movies from the MGM studios, or live events from NASA or even hosting some virtual conferences. These events will surely be blockbuster shows during this pandemic when people are mostly staying indoors. 

Partnering with will enable these programs to be aired on a secure platform. TFUEL and THETA are the two cryptocurrency tokens used by the Theta network, and’s partnership with FailArmy is powered by the TFUEL tokens of Theta network. The users can earn TFUEL rewards whenever they share their video streams with others on the peer-to-peer and decentralized network.  

FailArmy already has a rich fan base of over 60 million users. These new contents, along with the curiosity to earn TFUEL tokens, will attract more diverse viewers from across the world to view and share the new content. Some of the popular series of FailArmy that receive thousands and millions of views per month across popular digital platforms include ‘Fails of the Week,’ ‘FailFactory,’ ‘Recording for Duty,’ and ‘FailArmy Playlist’ to name a few.  

With this partnership, users can enjoy some exciting content from FailArmy 24/7 while staying indoors and staying tuned to Viewers can download from Google Play Store or can directly visit the official page of Theta network.