GigaFX Provides a Wide Range of Tailor-made Accounts


Online trading is fast becoming a popular source of secondary income. People around the globe have realized the importance of online trading through success in this field depends upon many factors. The choice of the broker is one such important decision one has to make before starting the online trading. This is particularly relevant for novices who are new to the trading world and have no idea where to start and how to start. Thankfully, there are a handful of genuine options which you can rely upon to start the online trading journey. GigaFX is one of the coveted names among these and has been at the forefront of the online trading revolution.

Wide Account Choices

Now some of you might have the question in mind that this trading platform is comparatively new (started last year only), so why should we be choosing it? The answer lies in the fact that GigaFX understands the needs of investors far better than other trading platforms. Take, for instance, the facility of tailor-made accounts for the investors. Unlike the other trading platforms which tend to think in a black and white manner by offering only two account options – beginners and experts, the GigaFX acknowledges the fact that this kind of binaries does not work in the trading field. One can’t jump right from the beginner position to an expert position overnight and it requires the time and experience to understand the nitty-gritty of the investment field. This is the reason why the platform offers four different kinds of accounts to investors, which fits their experience and level of expertise in the trading industry.

The first account is called ‘Starter Account,’ and as the name suggests, this is the account for the beginners who have no prior experience in the investment theory. In addition to providing access to the investment tools, this trading account also helps to understand the concept of trading by providing new educational and reading material related to the investment. One step above is the ‘Silver Account,’ which allows you to take a small degree of risk and to see for yourself whether education in the previous phase is helping you or not. While you deal with the risk and rewards involved in the investment field in the Silver Account, the third type of account, i.e., the ‘Gold Account’ is aimed for investors who have quite a rich experience and inclined to undertake some serious trading exercises. This account provides the facility of specialized tools which are quite useful for market analysis and help investors to have profited by taking bigger risks. At the top of the list is the ‘Premium Account,’ which is positioned for the investors who have the investment as a profession rather than a side business/job. This account is specifically for the traders having a large risk appetite and who regularly invest a considerable sum in the market.

Value-added Services

GigaFX provides the facility of expert advice and personal account manager with each of these trading accounts. These extra conveniences are very helpful, especially for the new traders. Gold and premium account holders, on the other hand, are also provided with a specially designated marketing consultant, which can prove to be a great help. These consultants are master of the trading field and can certainly help to minimize your risk while augmenting the profits.