Growth of Ripple Gambling – The Future in 2022

Growth of Ripple Gambling - The Future in 2022


The online gambling world is progressively getting more and more expansive with each passing moment. This has created various markets for cryptocurrencies to grow. Ripple is one of the decentralized assets that has managed to flourish on a grand scale without a notorious reputation for fluctuating value. Ripple, also known as XRP, is one of those cryptocurrencies supported by various leading online gambling platforms that don’t stay exclusive to any particular asset. 

What Is Ripple Gambling

As the name suggests, Ripple gambling is the term that refers to the process of placing bets/ wagers through events or casino games on online gambling platforms. While most leading global platforms support deposits with XRP as the mode of payment, some smaller crypto casinos might not offer a way to pay while gambling with Ripple. A workaround to use Ripple indirectly on unsupported platforms would be to use a crypto swap to switch between the assets and use XRP to buy more popular crypto-assets such as BTC & ETH.

Pros and Cons of Gambling With Ripple

Being relatively new, the Ripple coin is quite affordable compared to other cryptos with larger market caps. The downside of being less known & inexpensive is that XRP hasn’t been readily adopted (and supported) by every gambling platform. 
The value of Ripple has been gradually growing, which can be a testament to its stability. A slower pace of growth can be one of the reasons for a linear expansion in the future instead of a rapid one.
As the third-largest crypto in the world by market cap, Ripple is a safe bet for online gamblers who know more than the average joe & can make use of a variety of payment methods. The additional functional services required for gambling with Ripple, such as the gas fee, exchanges available, and supported wallet, can be hard to find. 

Expectations From Ripple Gambling’s 2022 Growth

Previously, the value of Ripple appeared stagnant for a while but, venturing into 2022, things have changed for XRP. As the network of XRP increases day in and day out, widespread adoption can be right around the corner for Ripple. Coming from a marginal value of $0.3 in 2019, the projections imply that future value can reach up to $28 as time goes on. Through strategic partnerships and integration at major industries in the crypto domain, XRP or Ripple appears to be on the right track to a blooming tomorrow. 

Future of Ripple Gambling

The future of Ripple gambling is directly tied to the propagation of XRP itself. As aforementioned, Ripple is making waves in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies through various partnerships that would only help in the wider adoption of Ripple on online crypto casinos. On the one hand, it is highly unlikely that Ripple would be able to move up from the third spot as the largest crypto, but there is tremendous growth to be had. Coming days might reveal how far the benefits of the XRP blockchain can be spread to drive forward an even stronger industry presence. 


Crypto gambling has become a trending topic, and it doesn’t seem to be going out of style. Ripple holds great potential in the form of a huge user base, and it comes with various intuitive functionalities. Current and upcoming partnerships with other brands would build a larger & stronger network and become the foundation for new technologies. Furthermore, Ripple stands far from the point of saturation of its tokens on the blockchain, which could be a key factor in its growth ahead. Interested gamblers can choose from various gaming and betting options from dozens of crypto casinos to wager online.