LBank announces UCA Trading Contest for all its members

The LBank is a cryptocurrency exchange that is registered in Hong Kong. It facilitates as a digital trading platform, but the main focus is on the markets in Asia. Although LBank offers crypto-to-crypto spot trading, it also works with fiat. The exchange is unique as one will find a lot of altcoins and low-cost value. The most significant advantage of Lbank is that the cost is quite low compared to the offers given by other exchanges. It is also one of the cheapest ashas a flat fee of 0.10% on all trades. In comparison, other exchanges usually charge around 0.20% per trade. 

The excellent news for LBank is that UCA (United Crypto Alliance) was listed on LBank on 29th July. The primary mission of UCA is to get together all businesses and individuals in pursuit of one common goal – to formulate a new global currency. It wants to establish the UCA coin as a stable currency in the world of cryptocurrency. To celebrate UCA’s listing, LBank has launched a unique UCA trading contest with a total reward of 7,000,000 UCA. The trading volume will be more than 1,500,000 UCA in each round. The 1st and 2nd rounds will be held on 5th and 12th August, respectively. However, this unique competition is for members of LBank only. The top 30 members will get to share 900,000 UCA as per the proportion of the trading volume.

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