Mantra DAO Partners With KardiaChain to Become Its Genesis Validator

Mantra DAO Partners With KardiaChain to Become Its Genesis Validator

KardiaChain has partnered with Mantra DAO, who will become one of KardiaChain’s genesis validators. This partnership will allow KAI holders to utilize the KardiaChain network’s staking benefit.

Mantra DAO made a tweet yesterday to share their excitement about the partnership. In the tweet, it was mentioned that token holders would get the opportunity of delegating their $KAI to validators of Mantra DAO as well as earn $OM rewards.

Details of Partnership Between KardiaChain and Mantra DAO

Mantra DAO (OM) is a DeFi platform that focuses on governance, lending, and staking. On August 19, Mantra DAO accomplished the highest trading volume on Uniswap and proved that they are among the most sought after DeFi exchange projects.

Also, Mantra DAO develops transparent, community-governed, and decentralized ecosystems. Built for the Polkadot ecosystem using parity substrate, it provides financial control to people so that they can store as well as grow their wealth together.

About KAI, the KardiaChain Token

KAI can be used on the Mantra DAO platform and will be available as collateral in FCTI (Future Compound Type Interface) of Mantra DAO. KAI will also be available as a means of Liquidity Mining native OM governance token of DAO. Both these opportunities hold the prospect of yielding exciting profits.

The good thing about KardiaChain’s interoperability technology is that it makes it possible to seamlessly bring in alternative options (like TRX or NEO) into the OM ecosystem.

Mantra DAO’s Participation

According to the partnership, Mantra DAO will be participating in KardiaChain’s mainnet as a genesis validator. In this collaboration, both teams plan to work together closely to develop future DeFi solutions. Also, there are plans to continue development on the DOT para chain (where RioChain, the OM token can be found) and on Polkadot.

There are plans to host an AMA today on KardiaChain’s official Telegram channel to assist investors and followers onboard as well as develop a clear understanding of the partnership between KardiaChain and Mantra DAO. There will be another AMA on Wednesday that will be hosted on the Telegram channel of Mantra DAO. Apart from this, during the AMA’s, there will be an opportunity to win great prizes.