Ferrum and Foresight Come Together for Staking Partnership

Ferrum and Foresight Come Together for Staking Partnership

FORS token went live on the platform, Uniswap, about a week ago. The Foresight house’s token has received unprecedented response and the company is quite happy to reveal its plan to crypto investors.

It is important to note that in seven days, the project has been able to get the patronage of more than 500 holders. Out of this number, 160 and 50 holders are eligible to enter Common DAO and Supreme DAO, respectively, once the platform is complete.

The company is also quite quick to expand its social media base with getting more than 1200 followers on Telegram while accelerating its efforts to expand into the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The company has already locked cent percent of its liquidity on the Uniswap platform, while 45% of the total supply has been on a vesting period of up to two years with a minimum of six months frame.

Finer Details

Another important achievement of the Foresight is its listing on the CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, and CoinGecko. An even more impressive achievement for the company is becoming the first sponsor project of the DEXTools. Foresight also got the honor of becoming a founder member of the Crypto Investor Protection Alliance (CIPA).

Ferrum and Foresight

Adding to the list of these impressive achievements, Foresight has now announced that it has entered into a partnership with the Ferrum network. This partnership is important in the sense that Foresight becomes the staking project of the Ferrum network. This will be significant for the token holders of the Foresight as there will be an opportunity to get high yields depending upon their time invested in the project.

The process of staking pools will be live in the next two weeks. Another important implication of this collaboration comes in the form of broader exposure to the ecosystem and the community of Foresight will be receiving. As a token of appreciation, Ferrum token holders will be able to get an attractive discount on the insurance services offered by the Foresight.


This association is the right step in the right direction and will help both companies to enhance their reach among the potential stakeholders in the cryptocurrency space. Although only the future will tell how this association with pan out but with things right at the fundamental level, we expect this collaboration to flourish in the future.