Matic Network and MANTRA DAO Merge to Expand DeFi Space

Matic Network and MANTRA DAO Merge

MANTRA DAO has announced a partnership with Matic Network that is aimed to expand the convenience of decentralized finance (DeFi) to a wider group of investors. Matic Network is among the promising players which offer solutions related to scalability of Ethereum layer-2.

One of the critical flaws associated with the Ethereum is its high cost, and the problem has intensified with the rise of the popularity of DeFi. Thankfully, the Matic Network integration has offered a genuine and cost-effective alternative to the costly Ethereum solution. In addition to the scalability solutions, Matic Network has also developed several decentralized applications related to the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and gaming networks.

Finer Details

Using the layer-2 solution of Matic Network, developers can invent new products that can compete with the established players while offering cost affordable solutions and excellent user interface. One can easily transfer assets to the Matic sidechain from the Ethereum platform thanks to the advanced technology and protocols used by the Matic Network.

The creation of the link between the Ethereum and Matic Network blockchains is where the prominence of MANTRA DAO comes into the picture. The staking infrastructure of MANTRA DAO comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Here, validators manage the security of these protocols, and transactions between different blockchains will get recorded on the blocks. The validators in the whole process can be considered as gatekeepers between the Ethereum and Matic network.

As MANTRA DAO happens to be one of the key validator nodes on the Matic Network, the OM token holders can link their account to the MATIC address. This partnership has resulted in staking rewards for the community of MANTRA DAO.


The association is essential to make the whole process of interoperability of blockchain more cost-effective and vibrant. It will add value to both stakeholders while bringing additional benefits to the communities engaged in the domain of DeFi.