PlasmaPay with Master Ventures to Promote DeFi Inclusion

PlasmaPay with Master Ventures to Promote DeFi Inclusion

Hailed as one of the most powerful digital payments DApp and crypto-supporting wallet, PlasmaPay has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Master Ventures, a blockchain-oriented venture studio. The integrating teams will work together to leverage their expert services in furthering core objectives, including blockchain mass adoption in the industry. The news was circulated in the media via a Twitter post stating:

According to the post, Master Ventures and PlasmaPay will strive to eliminate the entry barriers present in the DeFi sector by streamlining the operational capacities. Master Ventures specializes in providing the necessary guidance, expert ideas, and investment capital to help the blockchain infrastructure firms expand their work. As both the collaborating entities share similar goals, they teamed up to double the potential of their efforts in encouraging access to the blockchain.

Master Ventures will help PlasmaPay achieve its chief objectives by extending support in important work domains to bring PlasmaPay in the mainframe market. Kyle Chase, CEO of Master Ventures, stated that they are excited to work with PlasmaPay because of its dedicated vision and potential. The chief added that they were eager to work with PlasmaPay and help them promote DeFi usage across different zones.

The CEO of PlasmaPay, Ilia Maksimenka, quoted that the team is sure that with Master Ventures, they will achieve their short and long term goals. Their teams will promote blockchain and DeFi adoption significantly.

Master Ventures provides the necessary human and finance capital into the blockchain projects that align with its vision. The firm wants to popularize the concept of blockchain and DeFi in the industry by offering a seamless entry point for all firms. MV Labs co-designs disruptive blockchain entities with startups, entities, and founders from around the world.

Plasma Pay offers fiat on/off ramp services through mobile and desktop apps conveniently and securely. With its robust suite of services, the portal boasts a strong customer base in more than 165 countries. The firm shines as a bridge between the unbanked population and the banking cluster powered by blockchain technology and DeFi. It aspires to link more and more people with DeFi to expand the financial coverage without relying upon a central banking entity. PlasmaPay is designed on its native blockchain, the Plasma DLT, whereas the upcoming PlasmaPay dashboard will quickly facilitate buying, selling, and exchanging digital assets. It helps to send and receive cross-border payments securely.