Most Popular Gambling Slangs in the Gambling Industry

Gambling Slangs You Need to Know About

Gambling is an act of playing for bets in the hope of winning. It is a game or action of risk in the hope of a favorable outcome. Hence, it has been entertaining for people worldwide for centuries. Earlier, it was only accessible to the rich male section of the society but as now it has become a darling for everyone regardless of caste, sex, and status. One of the popular hubs for gambling lovers is casinos. Gamblers or bettors assemble under these munificent betting houses to cherish round of luck with friends or rivals.

Every game has its own words or slangs which include official as well as loose words. Gambling also has a wide range of words that are generally used by people as slangs to describe happenings of the game. Here, are some interesting slangs used in the gambling world.


Ante: Ante is a bet that is given by all players in order to stay at the table. Its effect forces other players to act and helps to continue the game.

Beginner’s Luck: Beginner’s luck is also known as “honeymoon period.” It is an unexpected winning of a player who is very doubtful to attain success and wins the game.

Bookie: A bookie is one who decides the betting odds and pays and receives off bets. A bookie is a person who facilitates betting or gambling.

Cage: Cage refers to a place where all the money of the casino is kept. It is a place where a player can find the cashier inside a casino.

Chase: Chase is a situation when a player is behind the opponent in terms of winning. It is when you play to get back your losses from the rivals.

Eye-in-the-sky: Eye-in-the-sky refers to the security cameras installed in the casino to keep a check on the ill doings of the players and guests.

Fish: Fish is used to denote an extremely unskilled player who generally plays a loose game. It is a negative word and used for the person who loses more in comparison to other players.

Hot:  Hot refers to a player who is on a winning course. If a player is hot then it is likely he/she will take home a good amount of money.

Jackpot: Jackpot is a huge portion of the money a person earns during gambling. It could be either in the slots machine or lottery game.

Juice: Juice is the commission taken by the casino organization from the winning of the players.

Cold: Cold refers to a player who is on a losing streak. It is exactly the opposite of hot.

Whale: Whale is a player who puts huge money on a single bet. Such a player is also called a “high roller.”

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When you are learning the game of betting, gambling slang will intrigue you as much as the game itself.