NULS Announces Strategic Partnership with Ankr

Announcing the strategic partnership with Ankr, NULS indicated its long-term strategy to become a prominent player in the decentralized space. According to the partnership, NULS will receive the deployment services from the Ankr based on the fast node technology. On the other hand, NULS will help to facilitate cross-chain access to Ankr and its projects associated with the NULS parachain, Nerve, and NULS.

By using shared resources, Ankr is helping in the development of the market for container-based cloud services. This partnership will not remain limited only to the sharing of the technology but also go beyond, with the creation of ANKR/USDT trading pair. The trading pair will be available on the NerveDEX decentralized trading platform. Both organizations also plan to do the bANKR/eANKR mapping to enhance their cooperation further.

It is quite interesting to witness the synergy behind the strategic partnership as both organizations are looking to expand their user base while leveraging on each other’s capabilities. Ankr is one of the well-known distributed computing platforms that provides access to idle resources to companies worldwide. This decentralized technology will help organizations use idle computing capacity and that too, without risking the centralized way of working. On the other hand, NULS is one of the most credible players in the blockchain technology space, offering a wide variety of business solutions for developers. The company has set a benchmark on streamlining the adoption potential of blockchain. It is quite confident that with this new partnership, it will further enhance blockchain use among businesses.

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