EW Funds PhD at UNIC for Blockchain Implementation & Research

Energy Web enters and funds PhD/doctoral studentship at Switzerland’s University of Nicosia’s IFF Institute For the Future to promote blockchain implementation and research. The gifted studentship will sit within at UNIC’s IFF Distributed Ledgers Research Centre or DLRC. This will place UNIC as the Academic Member of Energy Web. CEO of Energy Web, Walter Kok, considers this feat to bridge the academia with the global blockchain industry fueling the fundamental and important research for the digitization of the electricity grid. Research of leading institutions as UNIC will combine not only with Energy Web but the entire ecosystem, including global energy companies and the grid operators.

UNIC featured in the headlines earlier to be the first accredited university in the world to accept Bitcoin cryptocurrency for tuition payment. UNIC also offers a blockchain and digital currencies’ master’s degree and the first MOOC or Massive Open Online Course focused on blockchain. It has received an enrollment of 40,000 students globe over. The Research Manager at IFF, Dr. Klitos Christodoulou, says that UNIC is preparing the next generation’s workforce. The energy sector has great use for distributed ledger technology globally, and UNIC is equally proud to partner with Energy Web connecting their doctoral students to the globe’s largest energy blockchain ecosystem. UNIC and Energy Web will together agree on student’s blockchain research for the endowed PhD studentship. The focus of the research will address the EW-DOS tech stack and Energy Web ecosystem’s interoperability. Energy Web will appoint an industry expert as an external advisor in UNIC’s academic PhD committee.

The IFF Institute For the Future is a part of the University of Nicosia UNIC, providing research and education in blockchain and digital currencies. It aims at developing knowledge building leaders and communities for transformative technologies that will shape communities. DLRC or Distributed Ledgers Research Centre hosted at IFF is UNIC’s applied research laboratory on distributed ledger technology and blockchain protocols.

Energy Web is a non-profit global member-driven that accelerates low carbon customer-centric electricity system with the power and potential of digital, decentralized technologies. EW focuses on an open-source technology stack – EW-DOS or Energy Web Decentralized Operating System, which will enable a customer’s device to participate in any energy market. Energy Web Chain, launched by EW, the first public blockchain and a global enterprise-grade made for the energy sector and EW-DOS tech stack. It is nurturing the largest enterprise on the ecosystem on open-source technologies that are decentralized and digital, like utilities, renewable energy developers, grid operators, IoT / telecom leaders, corporate energy buyers, etc.

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