Ontology Plays Essential Role in Launching New IEEE Standards

Ontology, a leading open-source blockchain network that specialized in digital identity and data, has announced that its Senior tech lead, Ning Hu played a pivotal role in formulating the new IEEE standards for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. IEEE standards mainly contribute to professional and self-disciplinary ethics of cryptocurrency exchanges as well as for cryptocurrency wallets.

Ning Hu is a semantic web specialist from China and a member of the IEEE Blockchain Standards Committee, having more than 20 years of experience in software engineering and emerging technologies. He also served as the Vice-Chairman of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Working Group. During his tenure, he framed these new IEEE standards that every cryptocurrency exchange needs to follow to ensure the safety of their customers’ assets.

He also formulated anti-money laundering measures and identification of the users in cases of hacking and intrusions with the help of distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). During his tenure, he also built the IEEE Standards Association, which is considered as an institution that houses institutional experts from across the globe with a common objective to frame standards for technological developments in all the sectors. Ning Hu considered these Standards and regulations as steppingstones that the experts at Ontology can use to accelerate the various developments in respective fields of work.

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