Chainlink And Provide Collaborates to Boost Smart Contract Oracles

Chainlink And Provide Collaborates to Boost Smart Contract Oracles

Chainlink, the world’s leading oracle network platform that works with big players like Google and Oracle, has announced its partnership with Provide technologies to give a kickstart to Smart Contract Oracles for new enterprises.

Provide Technologies is taking measures to help enterprises build their blockchain platform, and this integration with Chainlink is undoubtedly a giant leap towards that development. Provide will help new companies to reshape their market through decentralization by integrating Chainlink into its API, thereby offering enterprises a low-code framework architecture for Chainlink.

Smart Contracts users can, from now onwards, utilize oracles in their networks to retrieve data from APIs, off the chain, data pools, and other resources. After retrieving data from various external applications and APIs, they can also integrate the data into the blockchain.

The onus of the Chainlink project is to eliminate the pain points that exist in the cryptocurrency industry, by bringing in interoperability to the blockchain platform. Interoperability helps the developers to get access to the various isolated blockchain networks like Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Before Chainlink came into existence, there were no ways to link all these blockchains together or even to connect these blockchain networks to the real-world cases that existed outside the blockchain ecosystem.

Chainlink has served this purpose of bridging between various blockchain networks, and with its propelling DeFi (decentralized finance) growth over the last few years, the Smart Contracts oracles projects also got geared up.

With this collaboration, Provide and Chainlink will get an opportunity to work together to add oracle API and node orchestration to various Smart Contracts protocols. The APIs can later be used as a Docker Container and can be consumed using any of the APIs of Provide. The integration will further help the developers to access the Chainlink data feeds using the Provide APIs without the need to hold or acquire digital currencies to interact with various networks. It will also enable enterprises to deploy Chainlink nodes into their infrastructures