Ubisoft joins Cronos blockchain as a validator

Ubisoft joins Cronos blockchain as a validator

Cronos has announced joining hands with Ubisoft, enabling the latter to now act as a validator on the blockchain. Ubisoft, a game developer and publisher, is now tasked with validating transitions. Ubisoft joins the list that already has 27 validators. All of them contribute to the open-source blockchain for security, stability, and decentralized validation.

All they have to do is check the blocks that are created every 5-6 seconds. Ubisoft comes onboard through Strategic Innovation Lab. The goal of the Lab is to anticipate the future and help the venture in exploring possible opportunities via innovative technologies. With this partnership in place, it can be rightly assumed that Ubisoft is still out there, venturing to explore blockchain technology through its extended arm.

Ubisoft will not just validate blocks or transactions but also contribute to the ecosystem in more ways. For instance, it will engage in the governance of the blockchain. UUbisoft will also approve updates for the network. Cronos is expected to largely benefit from this contribution as Unisoft comes loaded with tons of experience from the gaming sphere. Specifically speaking, it will leverage the expertise of the Labs by obtaining feedback which will then be implemented following careful consideration.

This is not the first time that Cronos and Ubisoft have joined hands. They share the history where Ubisoft was earlier a participant in its Accelerator Program as a start-up mentor. It makes sense to have them again on the platform – as a validator – since it aligns with the objective of having open-source contributors to the Cronos blockchain. Others on the list are Dora Factory, Crypto.com, Allnodes, and Blockdaemon, to mention a few.

The development of Cronos follows the introduction of Cronos Play. That is a suite of tools for developers coupled with integrations to make the process of the development of blockchain games seamless. The creation process has indeed been streamlined, evident from the fact that 15 Web3 games were recently launched on the Cronos Blockchain. There is a possibility that some of them are in the pipeline, due to go live at the earliest.

Cronos Play is available as a plug-in in the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

This is germane to the current development as it boosts positive emotions among the community. Ken Timsit, the Managing Director of Cronos Labs, has stated that they are looking forward to having Ubisoft as a validator, especially since their enthusiasm is visible to contribute to the blockchain. Ken has also acknowledged the fact that they have an unparalleled understanding of how blockchain technology works and the extent to which it can be scaled.

The statement by Ken Timsit comes from their personal experience of crossing the path many times over the years.

Cronos and Ubisoft joining hands open the doors for more partners to get on board as a validator, hopefully, enter the list as the 29th contributor to the blockchain.