VeChain enthusiast pitches Plentific to partner with VeChain

VeChain enthusiast pitches Plentific to partner with VeChain

A Twitter user who goes by the name Sebasian_ROK has put forward a strong pitch, urging Plentific to consider joining hands with VeChain. Notably, this is merely a pitch and not something that comes closer to an official announcement. However, the benefits that VeChain offers are worth noting.

For starters, VeChain comes loaded with the offering of higher efficiency and transparency. Partners have little to worry about keeping things clean, streamlining complexities, and sustainability. It is majorly about leveraging the potential of VeChain to its best under the umbrella of the Web3-as-a-service platform.

Smart contracts by VeChain can be utilized by Plentific to automate several of its processes. This further extends to streamlining the process to save time and lower the efforts that are otherwise ill-spent. Activities could include managing payments and verifying property listings.

Needless to say, all of it is secured under the blockchain technology. The point here is to connect smart contracts and automation to not just eliminate unnecessary involvement but also to direct efforts into something more productive.

Blockchain technology by VeChain can help Plentific to maintain the goal of sustainability. The fundamentals are to keep track of the green initiatives. With the community in the picture, transparency plays a huge role in how a team functions. Therefore, making records public follows the actions of tracking how well the initiatives are performing.

Having a positive impact then just acts like a cherry on the cake in the minds of eco-conscious customers.

Data comes under scrutiny when there is a threat to its existence or a threat of being stolen. Teams have to make sure that malicious actors fail to tamper with the data. This serves well to customers and service providers alike, helping each of them to protect their property.

As for the global approach, Plentific can seek the assistance of VeChain in attaining success in cross-border transactions. Its blockchain technology goes way beyond a certain region with no compromise on cost efficiency.

Having said that, Plentific can be assured that VeChain goes to lengths to lower the friction and eliminate intermediaries.

Integrating the services of VeChain brings an opportunity for Plentific to gamify its platform. Meaning, roll out rewards and incentives for those who demonstrate active participation. Making things interesting is the connected outcome of being able to build a vibrant community. Hence, gamifying the platform comes with benefits for Plentific that VeChain can effectively provide.

Once all these benefits are onboarded, platforms like Plentific experience a tremendous rise in investment opportunities. Stakeholders come forward at the earliest upon seeing digital assets being tokenized.

The blockchain technology of VeChain helps its partners to gather and analyze data to serve customers better. For instance, Plentific can review the prevailing trend and demands of the community.

To reiterate, this is just a pitch with no official announcement from either of the parties. Sebastian has indeed pointed out some core benefits that Plentific and other similar ventures can consider. An official word from VeChain and Plentific is awaited.