V2 Tokens Swap the Previous MASQ Tokens

V2 Tokens Swap the Previous MASQ Tokens

The MASQ team has adopted the Airswap Delegates platform after intensive testing to exchange the previous MASQv1 Tokens with MASQv2 Tokens. It has enabled the airdrop community to enjoy a fixed-rate while swapping MASQv1 with MASQv2 tokens.


With the convenience of the Airswap Delegate function, the holders can now exchange their MASQv1 with the new MASQv2 tokens with uniform set rates. The v1 token holders can safely execute the Airswap smart contract and exchange them for the v2.

The detailed guide, MASQ v2 Tokenomics, reveals that they have made 4,447,981 v2 available for an exchange for the convenience of the airdrop community, incase all decide to swap in the first two months. The swaps execution will take place in 2 phases. If the holders swap within the first 30 days, they will enjoy 1 MASQv2 for their 40 MASQv1, a ratio of 40 MASQv1 tokens:1 MASQv2. But, if the holders swap their tokens from 31 days to 60 days, the ratio changes. One MASQv2 will equal fifty MASQv1 tokens – a ratio of MASQv1 tokens:1 MASQv2 tokens. After 60 days, the remaining tokens can be used for Public engagement, Community support, or Non-Circulating Tokens.

As per v2 Tokenomics, the three wallets will receive the new tokens upon minting. Development and Marketing are entitled to 5,500,000 tokens and will enjoy a release of 2,500,000 monthly hence for six months. The second wallet is designated to the Committee with 1,400,000 tokens. They will receive 1,900,000 monthly for four months hence. The Advisors’ wallet will get 1,000,000 tokens.

After the Airswap v2 link announcement, they will burn all the v1 MASQ tokens in the deployer and committee wallet. An ongoing Treasury Management will be appointed for efficient access to digital assets and to manage them. The Project Treasury’s Gnosis-Safe multi-sig wallet service will oversee Linkswap trading fees, donations, and other financial proceedings, including team stakes. If the Committed Head cannot function for some reason, the Project Treasury will take control.