Starname & Band Protocol Partner for Greater User Convenience

Starname & Band Protocol Partner for Greater User Convenience

In an important development, Starname has declared that it is going ahead with the integration of Band Protocol to enhance customer experience in the purchasing process. Starname provides the decentralized names to various applications and wallets to easily recognize different blockchain addresses among both customers and developers. The primary objective of the IOV, the company behind the inception of Starname, is facilitating the user experience process by providing discrete and easy to recognize address through this initiative of Starname.

The Starname prices were dependent on the IOV token price, which meant that the process was quite turbulent and subjected to changes in the market price. However, now with the integration of Band protocol, users get the facility of having pricing from more than 12 exchange rates, including the likes of USD, EUR, INR, RUB, and GBP, among others. This is a tremendous facility and will come in handy to provide accurate price provisions and estimates related to the current exchange rate and related scenarios.

The community member of the Band protocol can register their name with Starname, and this will enable them to send or receive the tokens through the Cosmostation wallet or Starname Manager. Importantly, this will take away from the harrowing requirement of remembering the wallet’s address while transacting in tokens.


This development aims to enhance the users’ comfort and convenience and help the overall cryptocurrency and blockchain space to get customers from all walks of life. All innovations and novel practices that will enhance the overall convenience of transactions in the cryptocurrency space are the need of the hour, and stakeholders have to understand the importance of bringing more customer convenience to the table for wider adoption.