Vite Labs Announces Listing of OKB With Mining Capability

In a recent news announcement, Vite Labs announced the listing of OKB on ViteX. The currency would be mining eligible. The deposits, as well as the withdrawals of OKB, will begin at 7 am Feb 24. The Trading pair OKB/BTC will be available in the market by 7 am on February 25th.

The company announced the news over a Twitter:

OKB is a utility token that was launched by the Foundation, OK Blockchain. It is used contemporarily as an ERC-20 token, but will gradually be changed to OK public chain native token. The token is constructed to link the prospective projects on digital assets to the users of OKEx as well as the professional investors, making an ecosystem thriving the digital asset industry development.

The description of assets is taken from official materials like white papers that are written by the official project team in order to let investors understand and gauge the project better.

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