BAT Listed on’s Syndicate Platform

BAT Listed on’s Syndicate Platform

BAT or the Basic Attention Token that powers the blockchain-based digital advertisement platform of the ‘Brave Software’ has been listed on the Syndicate platform of the leading exchange. 

The announcement was made by the Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange Brave is a popular web browser that attracts web traffic to the platform in exchange for the BAT tokens that the advisers pay to the publishers for diverting web traffic towards their platform.

The listing of BAT on the syndicate platform aims at revolutionizing the digital advertising platform where the token can be exchanged among advertisers and publishers to make digital advertising more efficient. With the Brave Browser’s help, the publishers will be able to collect the user information with better ads and full anonymity of the users. Users can use BAT for supporting their favorite content creators and businesses on the BAT ecosystem. 

The Syndicate listing event will roll out massive opportunities for the users to invest and reap the benefits of the token. The Syndicate listing event will have an allocation of USD 500,000 worth of BAT at 50% off for all Stakers who will participate in the listing event. 

The listing event is scheduled to commence on August 18, 2020, at 6 A.M UTC on the exchange and will continue till August 21, 2020, at 6 A.M UTC. The acceptance period will commence on August 20, 2020, at 6 A.M UTC, when the participants can finally accept or reject the BAT allocations. 

Both the BAT and the CRO ( coins) will be distributed immediately after that. BAT will be listed on August 18, 2020, with BAT/CRO and BAT/USDT trading pairs. The Syndicate campaign rules can be revoked by the anytime at its discretion.

To participate in the Syndicate event, the users need to have an account on the exchange, or they can directly sign up for free on the exchange. The Syndicate subscription requirements to apply for the maximum amount of CRO will depend on the amount of CRO staked by the users during the past 30 days of trade volume on the exchange.