A Brief Overview of the BSN Empowerment Platform

A Brief Overview of the BSN Empowerment Platform

Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) is a cross-cloud, cross portal, and cross framework global public infrastructure network used to position and operate blockchain applications. BSN’s primary objective is to reduce the development, placement, maintenance, and operation costs of blockchain applications.

BSN’s main aim is to form an Internet for permissioned, and permissionless blockchains with DApps deployed and managed on the BSN. The primary services offered by BSN are permissioned services, permissionless services, and interchain services, comprising components like Frameworks, Public City Nodes, and Portals.

The BSN portals allow developers to purchase BSN resources, locate permissioned DApps, update the smart contracts, and manage off-BSN system access. To enable the BSN portal to function adequately, the BSN Empowerment Platform BSNEP is installed to provide the portals with the core BSN APIs.

Mainly, there are three types of BSN portals:

  1. Permissionless Service Only Portal
  2. Permissioned Service Only Portal
  3. Full- functioned Portal.

For instance, the BSN China official portal is a Permissioned Service Portal whereas the BSN official global portal is a full-functioned Portal built on the Empowerment Platform. The Permissionless Service Portals do not require the installation of BSNEP. 

BSN Portal is quite flexible; here’s how:

  • To avail of the permissionless services, the portal operators can sift out the public chains so that they cannot access them; it can also remove any PCNs and permissioned frameworks for permissioned services.
  • The portals have complete ownership of its user information; it doesn’t have any API from BSNEP to avail the end-user information making the portals responsible for their user privacy.
  • The users who operate the Portal have the right to update the BSN user manuals from the official portals without stressing about the copyright issues. The operators can form their BSN features in a small section of their existing websites.
  • The portals can be built in any language and design, and BSN provides complete support to customers with proper services for the gateways, making it efficient.     

The BSNEP website owners can form an excellent and powerful blockchain service websites and apps that are economically feasible.