Bitstamp Announced the Listing of FTM and AMP

Bitstamp Announced the Listing of FTM and AMP

Bitstamp has recently announced the listing of two cryptocoin-FTM and AMP

FTM is the cryptocurrency that powers Fantom, a smart contract platform.

AMP is a collateral token that provides real-world assets with a rapid guarantee.

Below is the listing schedule

  • 1. Only Transfer mode: Deposits and withdrawals are available, but trading is currently unavailable.
  • 2. Only Post mode: You can make and cancel limit orders, except match. FTM, AMP: Tuesday, January 11. As a result, no orders will be fulfilled during this time.
  • AMP: 8:00 a.m. UTC on Wednesday, January 12th.
  • Thursday, January 13th, at 8:00 a.m. UTC, FTM.
  • 3. Mode with only limits: Order matching will begin, and transactions will proceed as usual. However, only a limited number of orders will be accepted.
  • 4. Full trading: Once the order books have accumulated sufficient liquidity, all order types and card purchases will be available for the new trading pairs.

For real-time updates on the launch of the new trading pairs, you can follow their account on Twitter.

About Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is a platform of open-source smart contract platform digital assets and decentralized applications that is quick and high-throughput. Simply put, it’s a robust and expanding ecosystem with thousands of daily active users. It uses its own unique consensus mechanism to deliver Ethereum-compatible decentralized finance (DeFi) services to developers.

Fantom’s protocol of aBFT consensus, according to the company, provides “unparalleled transaction speeds, security, and dependability with cheap costs.” Smart contracts are designed to address the issues with transaction speed that are linked with them.


Amp is designed to be used as collateral, transforming any digital asset into a quick and secure means of trade. Its smart contract capabilities, which are specifically designed for collateral, let users decentralize risk.

To put it another way, Amp is a type of token having digital collateral that provides quick and verifiable guarantees for any value transfer. Networks may utilize Amp to secure transactions for a wide range of asset-related use cases rapidly and irrevocably.

AMP Price Prediction

AMP is poised to confirm its strong position as a significant draw among its customers, partners, and community, based on historical data along with the cryptocurrency markets. 2022 seems promising. According to AMP coin price predictions, investor confidence continues to soar, culminating in a significant price increase, pushing the price to $0.097.